Is This 18-Game NFL Regular Season Really Going To Happen?

Does the NFL owners proposal to the NFLPA make sense?

The Fan Morning Show
July 15, 2019 - 11:26 am

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- NFL owners make money. Like A LOT of money.

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But they want to make more. 

One of the ways to do that is to potentially install an 18-game regular season in the NFL. Two more games to sell tickets for. Two more games to rake in the TV revenue for. Two more games to profit from. 

But is it a good idea? And particularly with this proposal, does it make sense?

According to a story in the Wall Street Journal about the proposal, the NFL would go to 18 games during the regular season, but players would only be allowed to play in 16. That means they would have to choose two games per season to sit out. 

The Fan Morning Show discussed this today and the guys seem to be split on the idea. 

Colin Dunlap favored it, saying, "The American populus wants more football. This is something I don't mind. I am in love with trying to match and figure out the logistics [of football], everybody's got a fantasy football team. This would bring it to the Nth Degree. Who do I sit on this day? Can Belichick still outstmart people in fantasy football just like he does on the field?" He loves the added roster dynamic and strategy this brings.

The proposal may go hand-in-hand with eliminating two preseason games as well and Chris Mack doesn't see this 18-game with a 16-game cap proposal as being a logical one. 

"If you're looking to get rid of watered down football, which is what exhibition football is, it's watered down football. It's a bunch of guys fighting for roster spots that, to be honest, the average fan is just not that interested in. If you're looking to get rid of that watered down version of the game, I don't see how adding two games that your superstars may or may not be a part of, enhances the product." 

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Both say this proposal will not likely come to pass anyway. They see it more as a negotiating tactic from the owners to warm the players up to the idea of an 18-game season ahead of the next CBA.

They offered some better solutions.

Get rid over two preseason games, keep the regular season as it is and expand the playoffs. Have seven playoff teams, add another round with the #1 seed in each conference getting the lone bye week as a reward for its regular season and make more money that way. 

Colin says the players would be much more willing to do that that this current proposal.The only thing taken away in that idea is that two fewer preseason games means two fewer opportunities for players on the fringe of making the roster to make an impression. 

What do you think of this proposal and what should the NFL do, if anything at all?  

You can listen to The Fan Morning Show's discussion and debate about this below. 

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