A College Football 'What If?' Scenario

What if one program tests positive more than all the others?

Matt Koll
June 15, 2020 - 10:54 am
Pat Narduzzi & Pitt sideline

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports


PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- What happens if a certain college football team has to shut things down in the middle of the upcoming season because they have too many positive tests for the coronavirus? Does the rest of the college football landscape just move on without them? 

Those questions were the subject of a few segements on The Fan Morning Show with Colin Dunlap and Chris Mack on Monday. 

"Do they need to say to [for example] ACC teams, 'If you have 10 guys who test positive during a week, you can't play a game? If you have six guys, you can't play a game? We all know what they could do to those guys, they can't play. We can logically deduce that, they've got to hold them out for that game," said Colin. "Is there a threshold? Do conferences need to set mandates? Does the NCAA? What you're going to have are different protocols for different teams and different teams playing by different rules." 

Chris Mack said if that's the case, he can foresee some arguments going on between teams throughout the season. 

"Maybe one team doesn't want to proceed with the game, but the other team does regardless of how many players on each team test positive. You'll have one team that says, 'We're not comfortable playing this game now because four of your players tested positive.' Or it might go the other way around where a team says, 'Well, we only had four players test positive, we really want to play.'" 

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What if a school simply doesn't want another school coming to their city when they've had positive tests within their program? Colin and Chris wondered where we get that central guidance from on what the next steps should/will be. 

What do you think? Should entire conferences shut down because one team has multiple positive tests? What should that threshold be? Can one program be taken out of play entirely at any point? 

You can listen to the entire discussion on this from The Fan Morning Show below. 

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