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The Fan Morning Show's thoughts on the NFL's new rules

The Fan Morning Show
May 24, 2018 - 10:51 am
Players kneeling for national anthem

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For as much as football brings us all together on a Sunday in the fall and winter, this national anthem issue has divided us.

There are scores of opinions out there across a wide spectrum of fixes and rights and wrongs and do's and don't's. The Fan Morning Show took calls on this topic Thursday and gave their brief opinions as well. 

Colin Dunlap said that the NFL didn't even need to re-visit this issue during this offseason. For him, there was no problem with how things were before. It was encouraged by the league for you to stand during the national anthem, but if you knelt there was no penalty. Colin never saw a problem with the players who knelt to advocate change. He doesn't think they were trying to disrespect the flag or the country, just trying to bring awareness to issues they felt were unjust. He also said that he always stands up and puts his hand over his heart for the anthem and his kids do as well. 

Jim Colony said there are military members and veterans who will tell you that the part of the reason they fight or have fought for this country is for the right to peacefully protest and have your voice heard like the players do when they kneel for the anthem. He also believes that the Steelers will be unified one way or the other. They will either have everyone out there for the anthem, or everyone in the locker room. 

Both men agree that what the NFL is implementing as a response to the anthem protests is a rather feeble effort to control things. While the ruling to fine players for kneeling publicly may have solved the issues of the TV cameras picking up on their gestures, players will find other ways to voice their opinions. They won't go out from the tunnel and be called out individually, they'll write things on their shoes (despite breaking uniform code), they'll still kneel with their owners (Jets owner Christopher Johnson has already said he will pay fines of players who kneel) if need be. 

This is the league fearing a diminishing bottom line and protecting their brand. Nobody wants to upset people enough to where they are losing money, meaning they don't want to upset fans and advertisers too much. By doing this, they try to save face but they don't really accomplish much in the end.

Protests will still go on if players so choose. But on the flip side, the NFL will continue to own Sundays. The ratings will still be the best of any sports league in America. 

Callers weighed in on this Thursday on The Fan Morning Show. You can listen to some of the discussion and the calls below.