Baseball In Texas?

The Paul Zeise Show
April 21, 2020 - 10:23 pm

In this segment, Paul talks on the hotline with Jason Mackey from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. They break down the announcement that the Pirates are going to be paying their employees through May. Paul and Mackey both believe that the organization is often criticized for not spending enough money, but things like this are an example of them showing how much they care about the community. They both hope that fans will give the team credit for this because they feel that it's deserved in this situation.

They also look at the possibility of the MLB having three bubble cities throughout the country so they can get the season started. Mackey believes that this plan has come out because of the concerns players have had about not being able to bring their families to these isolation parks. Paul and Mackey also look at some of the other details that have come out about this plan and what the realistic chances of this are, and what logistical issues could come up if this plan is implemented. This segment also has an explanation of some minor league teams being cut and how that will hurt the local economies of where these teams are based, but they both agree that this is something that baseball doesn't really need in order for their system to work.