Opinion: Once Again AB Wants Praise And Attention

How can you be 'open for business' if the landlord won't even give you the key?

Andrew Limberg
February 13, 2019 - 12:50 pm
Steelers WR Antonio Brown in 2018

Josh Rowntree - 93.7 The Fan

Antonio Brown thanked Steelers Nation on Twitter on Tuesday “for 9 big years” and said it was “time to move on and forward.”

On Wednesday, Brown started moving forward and asked his followers on Instagram where they’d like to see him play next season.

All fans caption below next city.....

A post shared by Antonio Brown (@ab) on

The only problem is, he doesn’t seem to have any control over where he will play. There are a lot of possible scenarios for Brown. The Steelers could try to trade him and get a high draft pick for him, but as negative off-field incidents continue to pileup it’s hard to know what his trade value is.

The Steelers could work to keep Brown in Pittsburgh or, who knows, maybe they just let him sit and don’t send him anywhere if they know they won’t get much for him.

Whatever the result, it seems that Brown is once again looking for praise and attention and he’s getting both. Praise from his followers commenting “New England,” “Giants,”  “Seattle,” etc. and we in the sports businesses are giving him the attention.

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That raises the question - why? Why are we all giving AB this attention? Well for one, it’s a unique situation. The Steelers could trade the top wide receiver in the league, not because his stats are falling, but because the off-field controversy has become too much.

And one last thing, how can you be “open for business” if the landlord (the Steelers) won’t let you have the keys to even open the door?

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