Antonio Brown No Shows Steelers Team Meetings

Mike Tomlin says he has yet to talk to Brown about issues

Jeff Hathhorn
September 18, 2018 - 12:48 pm

PITTSBURGH (93.7 the Fan) – Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said Tuesday that Antonio Brown did not show up for team meetings on Monday.  This after Brown was visibly upset about his game Sunday and also said “trade me” in a Twitter response to a social media post.

Tomlin quickly dismissed that Brown wants to be traded, but said he hasn’t talked to him yet.

“I’m looking forward to visiting with him today and discussing that and other things,” Tomlin said.  “I’m not going to get into the details of why he wasn’t here or whether he was excused and all of those things.  I would just as soon leave those in house.”

Tomlin said he doesn’t want to talk about these issues with media, but knows the players have given reasons for the questions.  The 12 year Steelers head coach would not commit to a new social media policy, but did say they will learn from this and move forward.

“I understand sometimes you have some negativity,” Tomlin said.  “We lost a football game.  There were some negative exchanges on the sidelines, that’s frustration associated with not playing well and not winning.”


Brown’s situation is different from when the team suspended receiver Martavis Bryant, according to Tomlin, because that was player against player.

“We acknowledge that tempers are going to flare from time to time,” Tomlin said.  “We have people that want to win, we have players that want to win, we have coaches that want to win.”

As for Brown’s numbers being down this year, averaging just 8.9 yards a catch compared to 15.2 all of last season.  Brown only has one touchdown and the percentage of targets to completions is much lower than his career average.

“People I would imagine spend a lot of time particularly in the off-season looking to minimize Antonio’s impact in football games,” Tomlin said.  “Particularly people you play early in years.   I wouldn’t overreact.”

“I’m focused on real, legitimate things, ok, seriously,” Tomlin concluded.  “We gave up a few big plays, we’re playing a team that’s big play capable.  We haven’t won a game yet.  Those are the real things, you know.”