Are The Steelers Catching A Vulnerable Saints Offense?

Two NFL analysts believe they might be

Matt Koll
December 20, 2018 - 11:06 am
Drew Brees sacked

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- The Steelers have a very stiff test in front of them Sunday as they go to New Orleans to play the league-best 12-2 Saints in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Saints are 6-1 on the year there and have averaged 38.7 points per game. 


But two NFL analysts, one covering the Saints specifically, told The Fan Morning Show Thursday that the Saints may be at their most vulnerable. 

Let's start with former NFL offensive lineman now Action Network analyst Geoff Schwartz. 

"I think that they're lack of speed on offense on the edges is finally catching up to them. I think we look at them and we see [Alvin] Kamara, [Mark] Ingram and [Michael] Thomas...that's it right? They don't have anyone else, they don't have a tight end anymore that can really stretch the field vertically," said Schwartz. "They don't have another burner, I'm looking forward to seeing how they address that in the offseason."     

"Obviously playing on the road has not been kind to them, they went to two NFC South opponents in a row, they're playing outside on grass, they're playing guys that know what they can do. But I really think that teams are really keying in on hey look, you double Thomas, check the backfield and that's it. There's no one else. Even on the end around that was fumbled [last week] that was Tommylee [Lewis] right? Not one of their studs. They just don't have the players, I think people are figuring that out." 

Now let's bring in Times-Picayune, columnist Jeff Duncan. 

"I think teams have figured out a little bit what the Saints like to do, I mean that happens this time of year. We're seeing it happen to the Rams out in Los Angeles as well. They're trying to make the Saints play left-handed a little bit and they're (the Saints) surviving doing it but it's definitely a cause for concern because I think that's going to be the blueprint going forward."

"I would be shocked if Pittsburgh doesn't do something very similar to the way Dallas defended the Saints and the way Carolina defended them on Monday night. The key of course is you have to have the personnel to do it. Dallas does defensively. I think Pittsburgh will match up well as well. You have to have really good linebackers that can control Alvin Kamara. It's also hurt the Saints that left tackle Terron Armstead, he's a Pro Bowler, has been out for the last month and they just aren't the same offensive line without him." 

Just something to ponder going into Sunday...

You can hear the entire interview with columnist Jeff Duncan on The Fan Morning Show for the full scouting report on the Saints below.       



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