Barry Trotz Predicts The Caps Will Repeat As Cup Champs

Ok, That's Enough Of The Caps For Now

Kraig Riley
June 12, 2018 - 5:03 pm
Barry Trotz Predicts Another Caps Cup Run Next Year

Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The FAN) - The Capitals have really been celebrating their Cup title hard and today at their parade was no exception.

Chris Mueller talked about Alexander Ovechkin celebrating, T.J. Oshie playing to the crowd at today's parade and a bold prediction made by head coach Barry Trotz.

"I see Barry Trotz today said they were gonna win it again," Chris Mueller said.

Chris has been on the record as saying he has enjoyed watching the Caps Cup celebrations, but this changes things.

"Now do I want them to lose to the Penguins in crushing fashion next year in the playoffs yet again.  One is enough for them!"

Chris added that "One is enough for them!  I'm very happy for that city.  I'm very happy for, specifically the fans of that team and the players on that team except for Brooks Orpik and Tom Wilson.  I'm happy in a sense for Barry Trotz  who got an equally big monkey off his back because he had never been further than the second round of the playoffs.  But they're having a good enough time with The ole Stanley Cup that I think now my juices have been restored and I'm ready to go with the 'I want them to suffer badly' sort of mindset."

Click the audio to hear more from Chris on why he feels that way and how he wants to see them lose next year in gut wrenching fashion to the Pens.

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