St. Louis Cardinals' Harrison Bader Accepts Tater Tot from 5-Year-Old Fan During Game

August 28, 2018 - 5:27 pm

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -- A young St. Louis Cardinals fan thought outfielder Harrison Bader could use a little extra energy during Sunday's series finale against the Colorado Rockies and offered him a tater tot. True to the nickname "Tots" on the back of his jersey, Bader accepted the bite-size snack from the fan. 

Video of the interaction was shared by Jacob Frierdich on Twitter.

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In the video, the young fan at Coors Field is wearing Cards gear and has a plate of tater tots. He yells to Bader in the dugout, "Hey Harrison, you want my tater tot?"

Bader has a good laugh with his teammate Jedd Gyorko, pointing at the fan. Then in the second video, he walks over to the end of the dugout, so the fan can hand him a snack.

The young fan's name is Brantley and his father is giving him total credit for moment! Bader ended the game with two RBI and a run scored, Sunday.