Batman Delivers Scholarship to Pitt TE

Neshannock walk-on Jim Medure speechless

Jeff Hathhorn
August 22, 2018 - 6:19 pm

93.7 the Fan

PITTSBURGH (93.7 the Fan) - So how do you reward a college football player who paid to be there, unselfishly switched to three different positions and is a leader on and off the field?  You doctor a video and have Batman deliver the scholarship, of course.

But it’s more complicated than that as we can only have recipient Jim Medure explain himself.

“I’m a really big Batman fan and I have the replica suit that is movie quality,” Medure said.  “It’s kind of nuts.  They got into my room with my brother’s help.  They sole it from me.  So for two days, I was wondering ‘where’s my suit’?”

"We were watching a team highlight video and after the video they showed the end of The Dark Knight where he’s running and Commissioner Gordon is kind of the overlay on it.  It’s really nerdy.   But then (assistant Mike) Caprara came down dressed in my bat suit and handed me the letter (scholarship).  It was really funny.  It was a unique moment and really special to me.  I will never forget that.”

Medure’s next unforgettable moment came when he called his dad.

“He was just proud of me,” Medure said.  “He was kinda speechless, so was I.  It was a pretty emotional moment for both of us.  Told me he was proud of me.  It was special.”

“When our guys see a guy who’s worked so hard and watch all the sweat he’s put into it,” head coach Pat Narduzzi said of the moment.  “On the field, in the classroom, in the weight room, when you see the impact he made on the team, that shows you everything you need to see.”

Narduzzi said they’ve talked about doing this for Medure for a while because of what he’s done for the Panthers.

“He walks in the D-line room and doesn’t know what he’s doing but makes an immediate impact on everybody in that room, and did the same thing in the tight end room, which is impactful,” Narduzzi said.  “It’s a great day.”

Medure credited his parents for his work ethic, even a shout out to pee-wee football coach Rocco Fazio.

“He always taught us to be tough.  We were always undersized coming from a small school like Neshannock.  There were always kids faster than us, stronger than us.  He really taught us to be tougher than them.”

“There are some guys who are maybe more athletic and more this and more that, but it’s about the whole package,” Narduzzi said.  “Jimmy has the whole package.”

The 21 year-old says he wants to be a pediatrician.  And already has more plans for Batman suit.

“I hope to go volunteer at Children’s dressed as Batman.  I think that would be a special thing to do.  That’s the plan.”

“That’s kind of my excuse for owning it too.”

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