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Roethlisberger: Win Against Tampa Is Exactly What The Steelers Needed

September 25, 2018 - 11:15 am

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - During the #1 Cochran Ben Roethlisberger Show on Tuesday, the Steelers quarterback says Monday night’s win against the Bucs was exactly what the team needed.

“That was a big win for us going on the road, playing against a really hot football team, a great environment, Monday Night Football, it’s everything you wanted and we got the win, which is exactly what we wanted and needed.”

Ben says that JuJu Smith-Schuster has really developed into a big play receiver for them and is benefiting from Antoino Brown being double-covered.

“It may not be the, you know, the flashiest of ways, but he does the dirty work.  He catches the underneath stuff, gets tackled, gets hit.  He’s sure handed.  He uses his body.  He’s got real strong hands at the catch point.  But he will take it down the field.  You saw him catch a big post in the game.  He is reaping the rewards and benefits of teams doubling AB, and so that’s the best thing going right now for Juju is they’re doubling AB.  If Juju keeps this up, they’re not going to be able to keep doubling AB.”


Roethlisberger also talked about Vance McDonald’s wicked stiff arm in the first quarter, “Vance is an incredible athlete and very strong, his locker is next to mine, Vance and I are very good friends.  He takes pride in his work.  That’s strength training and doing more than just catching and blocking.  When he got his hands on that guy, it was all over.”

Winning can cure a lot of the off-field drama but Le’Veon Bell has yet to report and sign his franchise tag with the Steelers. Roethlisberger says they can only worry about the players that are there.

“It’s got to be rearview mirror for us.  We can’t waste time talking about the unknown.  We don’t know.  None of us know when or if he’s coming back so we can’t  sit there and spend time wondering about that.  We have to focus on the guys that are there and playing the football games, so that’s what we’re doing.”

Roethlisberger than talked about getting two roughing the passer calls and the way that rule has been officiated this year.

“It is crazy.  I said it last night; I don’t want to ever talk about officiating.  The first one, I was definitely surprised.  The second one, I got hit in the helmet.  I know that people are saying I flopped.  That was JPP, and he’s got that cast on his hand and the hand that he’s got that cast on was the one that hit my helmet.  So it kind of rung me a little bit.  You know, I might have went to the ground a little bit to sell it, but it definitely got me, so I think that’s a good call.  It’s hard for the officials.  What do you call, body weight, if you hit someone with your head and their head, things like that, those are easy ones.  But when you’re asking a defender to come full speed at a quarterback, wrap him up and tackle him but you can’t land on him, man, I don’t envy what they have to do or not do.

Roethlisberger knows that penalties will happen but the Steelers had 13 penalties for 155 yards Monday night and it’s the undisciplined ones that drive him crazy.

“To me, I get most frustrated with the undisciplined, unsportsmanlike plays.  When its unsportsmanlike penalties and you’re doing thing post-play, those are the things that frustrate me the most because that’s just a lack of discipline.”

Roethlisberger showed some frustration toward Antonio Brown last night during the game and then felt the need to apologize after the game.

“We had a chance to stay on the field to end the game, to not put it in our defenses hand.  And I just got frustrated with what happened.  I think I just showed too much emotion and so I felt like as a leader, and it was my place to make that known, and I could have just went to him and told him, but I felt like it was the right thing to at the start of my press conference to apologize to him.”

Antonio Brown ended the night with only 6 catches for 50 years so he isn’t putting up the numbers he’s used to and Roethlisberger says he knows that’s frustrating.

“I’m sure he’s frustrated a little bit.  He’s used to putting up 1,500 yard seasons, right?  And I don’t think he’s had a 100-yard game yet, I could be wrong.  Obviously you get frustrated when you’re kind of used to those big numbers, but we’ve talked about it before, winning helps cure everything.  So when you win last night, I think year he’s probably still frustrated, but he got a touchdown and I think he was still happy we won the game.”

Roethlisberger says part of the reason Brown isn’t having the large numbers he is used to is that he has more weapons to throw to this season.

“Maybe it’s just as much me looking at other guys, not trying to force it to him.  Juju’s doing some great things, Jesse James, Vance, James Washington’s making plays for us now.  I think it’s maybe me not forcing it into those coverages and forcing him the ball.  In the past, I know I’ve forced him and some good things have come of it, but I’m just trying not to do too much of that because other guys are making plays, so that might be part of the reason the numbers aren’t what they have been in the past.”

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