Bob Grove: "I Think We Are All Marc-Andre Fleury Fans Now"

Cook and Poni Show

Joe Kapp
May 17, 2018 - 3:41 pm

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the Penguins being out of the playoffs…Are we pulling for Marc-Andre Fleury to win a 3rd straight Stanley Cup? Pittsburgh Hockey Now Writer and Pens Historian Bob Grove joined The Cook and Poni Show on Thursday to talk about what Fleury is doing in these playoffs and how the Washington Capitals have a different look about them.


“I think we are all Marc-Andre Fleury fans right now,” Grove said.  “he feels like he has something to prove…That he should have never been let go here in Pittsburgh and I’m gonna show you.”


Grove says he looks like a goaltender that is just really locked in right now and can anticipate what is happening.


He also thinks another team locked in right now is the Washington Capitals who eliminated the Penguins in the second round to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals and they have the look of a team on a mission.


“This is a really different Washington team,” Grove said. “I’ll be honest with you (Andrew) I thought the Caps teams from the previous two seasons were better on this one on paper but this one though has an intangible element that the others didn’t.”


Grove doesn’t see them losing this series and could be on a collision course to face Fleury in the Stanley Cup Final.