Boomer Esiason: "Ben Still Has The Potential For Big Plays"

Cook and Joe Show

Joe Kapp
October 25, 2018 - 1:07 pm

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​NFL Today Studio Analyst and former Cincinnati Bengals QB Boomer Esiason joined the Cook and Joe show on Thursday to talk Steelers and the season that Ben Roethlisberger is having.


"I see a guy who still has the potential for big plays," Esiason said. "Ben is the guys that makes it all happen."


Esiason told the guys that every play on offense begins with whether you can get pressure on Ben and he is doing well with all the weapons around him that have helped him but it's still #7 that makes it all work.


"The one thing about Ben is he is always going to put up points." Esiason added.


He also added that the Steelers may need all the points they can get with division rival Cleveland coming to town on Sunday. Boomer talks about how the Steelers who tied the Browns in the season opener will be facing Baker Mayfield this time who has that offense being more explosive.


The Browns have had an up and down season but do have a 2-4-1 record which is better than what they are used too but still not good enough. Boomer says this is a better Browns team but they are facing a huge challenge coming here on Sunday facing a Steelers team needing this one bad.


A loss here for the Browns could signal changes are coming.


"I see a change coming soon if they continue to lose." Esiason said. "I don't know how much longer the Browns can put up with losing games they way they are."


Boomer indicates that either offensive coordinator Todd Haley or defensive coordinator Gregg Williams  could be candidates for the job if Hue Jackson would be let go.


Esiason tells the guys that this is a very key game for the Steelers if they have hopes of holding off the Baltimore Ravens to win the division because the Steelers schedule gets a bit tougher in the second half. 


"At the end of the day they are going to be playing some of the best teams in the second half," Esiason added. "They can't afford to lose this game against the Browns at home this week."


You can watch the game Sunday at 1pm on KDKA-TV