Boswell: Long-term Extension Talks Underway

Steelers K Not Concerned with Getting Deal Done Soon

Josh Rowntree
August 05, 2018 - 3:08 pm
Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Chris Boswell (9) watches the jumbo-tron against the Baltimore Ravens in the fourth quarter at Heinz Field.

Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers kicker Chris Boswell said Sunday that negations for a long-term contract extension began earlier this week. 

Boswell is entering the final year of his current deal.

“I’m just going to let it play out,” he said. “I told my agent I don’t really want to hear about it. Just let me kick and, if we get something done, then we get something done.

“I don’t want to sit here every day and think about where we’re at and where we’re going because it’s not going to change. I’m here this year. If it happens, it happens. If not, we’ll worry about it after the season.”

Boswell has made 89.5% of his kicks in his career, including a 35-of-38 performance in 2017, the best percentage of his career (92.1%). While the season ended with the individual honor of being named to his first Pro Bowl, he credits his other special teams teammates for the unit's success.

“I’ve got a great snapper and (Steelers holder/punter) Jordan Berry, if you give him any ball, he’s going to put it down the same every time. I don’t have to think about that. All I have to do is do the same kick every time. 

“They’re not under-the-radar, but they don’t get as much notoriety. It just matters if the kick goes in or not”

One area that group will see changes this season is kickoffs, which have gone through a rule change that prohibits the team kicking off from getting a running start, among other changes. 

“I feel like it’s trial and error for everybody,” Boswell said. “Everybody’s going to take stuff from other teams, because everyone’s watching the same games, trying to figure out the best things to do, the best ways to kick it, the best ways to play it. 

“There’s going to be a lot of watching each other through the League and finding out what works and what doesn’t.”

Ultimately, though, barring a disastrous season, Boswell is going to get paid like one of the game’s best kickers. The consistency is there, but numerous clutch kicks have also factored into Boswell one of the game’s best.

“Kicking is kicking, it really doesn’t change with the time of the game, when it is, practice or game,” he added.

“If I start missing every kick out here, they’ll bring in another kicker. So, it’s not like practice is any different than a game for me. I just take every kick as a game rep and go from there.”

Hear all of what Chris Boswell had to say below.