Bouchette: This Will Be Bell's Last Year With Steelers

Joe Kapp
March 23, 2018 - 3:24 pm

Credit: Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Post-Gazette Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette joined Cook and Poni on Friday to talk about the Steelers first week into free agency.


Bouchette tells the guys that they got two players to fill tow needs at Linebacker and Safety but it’s not like they signed Jack Lambert and Donnie Shell but the moves will allow the Steelers to go into the draft without panicking.


But what about Le’Veon Bell? Has Ed given up hope on a long-term deal for him to finish his career with the Steelers?


“Yeah I have,” Bouchette said. “They have been negotiating 14 months now and they haven’t been able to come to terms. What makes you think that over the next 4 months it will change?”


Bouchette tells the guys that he would still consider rescinding the franchise tag and look for other options but the Steelers seem prepared to take one more shot with him.


“This will be his last year,” Bouchette added. “Le’Veon Bell is a great great back but you are a Super Bowl contender by signing an Inside Linebacker and a running back.”