Bryce Brentz Put on Waivers

Pirates outfielder couldn’t overcome slow start.

Jeff Hathhorn
March 25, 2018 - 9:52 am
Bryce Brentz

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It looked on February 20th that the Pirates found their left fielder or at least a platoon player in the outfield.  The Bucs traded cash considerations to Boston for Bryce Brentz.  A 29-year-old righty who hit 31 homers for the Red Sox’s Triple A team, but the Red Sox wanted to free up a spot on their 40-man after adding J.D. Martinez.

Brentz got a new start, until the next day when the Pirates signed outfielder Michael Saunders and then the following day when the Bucs traded Daniel Hudson, a minor-leaguer and cash to Tampa Bay for 2017 All-Star left fielder Corey Dickerson.

Now Brentz’s new start will either be with another team or back in the Pirates minor-league system after he was waived.  The Tennessee native was out-of-options and is not sure what comes next.

“Coaching staff, getting to know everyone has been great,” Brentz said. “Unfortunately its business, you know?  Things like this happen, its part of the ups and downs of baseball.  You get through it and work your way through it. That’s about all you can do.”

Brentz said he had issues with his contact lenses the first couple of weeks of camp and once that was cleared up, it vastly improved.

“I was starting to find a lot of barrels, just unfortunately not a lot of results at the beginning,” Brentz said.  “It’s part of it.  It’s spring.  It’s why we’re here, to get ready for the season.  Regardless of who hit what, did what, whatever, you’re still going to be hitting zero come Opening Day wherever you’re at, so it doesn’t really matter.”

As for the numbers, Brentz had hits in three of his last four games, including a double and RBI in his final game on Friday.  Brentz hit .250 overall with three homers and six RBI with a .350 slugging percentage and .362 on base percentage.  He also missed four games with a shoulder injury..

“I didn’t really care less about numbers,” Brentz said.  “When I finally saw ‘em, I’m going, I’m struggling and that’s what I’m hitting – I could live with that, if that’s bad.  I’ve struggled worse.  It’s documented.”

Dealing with injuries in 2016, Brentz hit only 5 homers with 66 strikeouts in 66 games.  In 2015, Brentz struck out 74 times in 59 games while hitting 8 homers. 

So now Brentz will sit and wait, maybe by the water, maybe with a beverage.

“Apparently I’ve got a free weekend. Go home. Go to the beach. I’ve never been out there at this place. I’m probably going to go sight-seeing.  Keep the phone on. I don’t know, I heard of a good place called the Daiquiri Deck. I might head out there. Sunday funday!”