CBS Insider Jason La Canfora Weighs In On What It Would Take For The Steelers To Land Patrick Peterson

What about other CB's on the market? And a Le'Veon Bell trade?

Matt Koll
October 24, 2018 - 11:02 am
Patrick Peterson

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- It's high time for trade rumors as the NFL's trade deadline is mere days away on October 30th. 

This time around, Steelers fans and players (Antonio Brown, Ramon Foster) are calling for the Steelers' managment team to get involved. Mainly on Arizona Pro Bowl cornerback Patrick Peterson.

NFL Today's NFL insider Jason La Canfora joined The Fan Morning Show on Wednesday to discuss what the ask may be for Peterson and if the Steelers can meet the Cardinals' demands. What are the real chances of this trade happening?

"They're among the number of teams who have taken the Cardinals' temperature on it," said La Canfora. "Would they be the team that would ultimately make the Cardinals an offer they absolutely, positively can't refuse? I'm not sure. It would take a lot, I mean a whole lot, to get it done. I'm just not sure that that's where they would be when it's all said and done."

OK, so not a great outlook. But how much is "a whole lot"? 

"If you offer a first and a second [round pick] and a young, promising player still on his rookie contract, doesn't have to be a star but maybe somebody who hasn't worked out for your team but who, let's say [Cardinals GM] Steve Keim maybe loved coming out of college a couple years ago, then as much as they want to say, 'We'll never do it, we'll never do it, we'll never do it,' that would get their attention. It would have to get their attention," said La Canfora. "They would not be doing their jobs and they would be negligent if they wouldn't consider something like that."     

Colin Dunlap suggested a guy like Bud Dupree and Jason agreed a first and second-round pick and a player like him would have to at least be considered by Arizona. 

Interestingly, La Canfora suggested that the cornerback market at this year's deadline is a healthy one and rattled off names like Chris Harris, Janoris Jenkins, Bradley Roby and Gareon Conley as possible trade targets for the Steelers. 

La Canfora believes a Le'Veon Bell trade, while dormant right now, is still a possbility. But it may be as much on Bell and his representation as it is on the Steelers being willing to move him. 

"All that would have to happen is they agree to the terms of the trade [with another team], they, to avoid any tampering issues, say 'We are granting you a 48 hour window to speak to the player and his representative,' and that GM calls and says, 'Here's the deal guys, because I have other stuff going on. You've got a half hour to make a decision. If you scuttle this trade, I'm calling every GM in the league and just letting them know that not only did you hijack one team's season, you've now hijacked two.'"

"'If you think you have any chance of maintaining a semblance of a "fair market value" in March, and you don't want to come play for my playoff team where we've got a chance to win a Super Bowl, and we're going to feature you for the final seven weeks and then hopefully be playing multiple times on national television in the playoffs...if that's not enough for you to get out of the club and get up here, that's fine. But I am going public with everything here. You either want to be a football player or you don't. And if you don't want to be a football player now, good luck getting money as a football player in March.'"

You can listen to the entire interview with NFL Today's NFL insider Jason La Canfora on The Fan Morning Show below.


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