Cincinnati Enquire Coluninst Paul Daugherty: 'There are Signs Of Not Being The Same Old Bengals....BUT'

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Joe Kapp
October 12, 2018 - 12:34 pm
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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - The Steelers travel to Cincinnati to face the division leading Bengals on Sunday...that’s right I said the division leading Bengals. It might not be that for long but these Bengals have a different feel to them through the first 5 weeks...Cincinnati Enquirer Columnist Paul Daugherty joined The Cook and Joe Show on Friday to let us know....Are these Bengals for real?

"It seems to be a little different," Daugherty said. "But we have said that a few times before."

Duagherty says they have had a few good wins...comeback wins and close wins which is good...but he still needs to see more.

"Here are signs of the Bengals not being the same old Bengals," Daugherty added. "But I'm not ready to commitment myself to that completely."

Daugherty tells the guys the biggest reason for the Bengals early success is the play of QB Andy Dalton who as he points out is playing with a certain confidence that he has never seen before. He is also elevating the guys around him....But these Bengals now face the Steelers and that has never gone well for them. He admits that the Steelers are in their heads.

""Until the Bengals prove they can win this game... I'm not going to be fully sold." Daugherty added.

There are still many in Cincinnati who are not completely buying in to the Bengals just yet. The attendance is down and the buzz in the city has been low key at best.

"They are not real believers," Daugherty added. "Maybe that will change if they win this game." 

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