Cook and Poni: Bob Errey Says Bring On The Caps!

Joe Kapp
April 23, 2018 - 1:57 pm

Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Penguins put on a show in the 3rd period yesterday to eliminate the Philadelphia Flyers in 6 games. AT &T Analyst Bob Errey joined The Cook and Poni Show on Monday to recap the win and series but forgive us if we are already looking ahead to the next round.

Who does Bob Errey think is the best match up for the Pens? Is it the Washington Capitals or the Columbus Blue Jackets?

"I would rather see them play the Caps to be honest with you," Errey told the guys. "I don't think the Caps have the foot speed to keep up with the Pens. I think the Pens will have their way with the Caps."

Of course health will play a huge factor in any series moving forward and the Pens are still unsure about the status of Evgeni Malkin and Carl Hagelin for the start of the next series. 

Bob also tells the guys he doesn't see how the Caps have gotten any better since last year.