Cook and Poni: Mark Recchi Has Seen Pens/ Flyers From Both Sides

Joe Kapp
April 10, 2018 - 3:12 pm

Jeff Hathhorn/ 93-7 The Fan

Penguins Assistant Coach and Hall of Famer Mark Recchi has seen this Pens/ Flyers series from both sides and he tells Cook and Poni when he joined them on Tuesday that he expects this to be a very entertaining  series once again.


“It’s a pretty emotional series no question,” Recchi said. “There have been times where we haven’t been as good and they’ve been good and there still has been that rivalry because of PA and not far down the road.”


Recchi also talks about how he continues to learn every day as a coach and he has been surrounded by many great coaches who he has been able to lean on in his first year on the staff and how the Pens power play has excelled because they have some very talented unselfish players who can move the puck.