Coronavirus' Effect On High School Athletics

Associate Executive Director Amy Scheuneman joined Dan Zangrilli Sunday to discuss the canceled Spring Season and what a Fall season could look like

Matt Harkins
April 19, 2020 - 10:30 am
High School

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - The WPIAL is currently in a holding pattern when it comes to what a fall season could look like for athletes this year.

WPIAL Associate Executive Director Amy Scheuneman, soon to be Executive Director, joined Dan Zangrilli Sunday morning to discuss the effect the coronavirus pandemic has had on the cancellation of the Spring sports and what effect it could potentially have on WPIAL Football, Soccer and the other sports season's that take place in the fall.

The biggest challenge facing the WPIAL, just like professional sports, is the unknown surrounding the Coronavirus.

"Right now, the biggest challenge is the unknown," said Scheuneman. "Not knowing what the fall season's going to look like and how we are going to be able to adapt to that."

We are continuing to hear some interersting proposals coming out from professional leagues to have their seasons and the same thing is going on with the WPIAL.

"Everything's out there right now from limited fans, of course you're going to probably see fans with face coverings and what not and are sports even going to happen is a question out there," said Scheuneman. "Unfortunatly, (that question) is one  we can't answer right now. We are certainly going to do everything that we can to ensure the safety that we have the ability to do so and take any precautions that are recommended. At the moment we have to wait and see, follow the PIAA's directive who again is going to take guidence from the Governor's office."

If they have to play a modified season for the fall sports, or if the fall sports get canceled, the financial impact could be felt throughout the school districts and the WPIAL.

"That would depend on relative costs and relative expenses," said Scheuneman. "Given this past Spring, depending on what school's choose to do with their coaching salaries and what not...The ultimate effect, I certainly hope it not to be true, but school's will have to look at the viability of programs,but again I hope it certainly doesn't come to that, but it is a possibility."

Amy and Dan also discuss some of the ideas and plans for the future of High School Athletics in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Listen to Amy Scheuneman's entire interview with Dan below: