Crosby's Milestone Sparks Greatest Penguin Of All-Time Debate

A comparison between Sid and Mario for Pens GOAT

The Fan Morning Show
April 19, 2018 - 11:02 am
Crosby and Lemieux

Bruce Bennett/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

Sidney Crosby passed the great Mario Lemieux for most playoff points scored in franchise history with his goal and an assist last night, giving him 173 career postseason points (62 goals, 111 assists). 

Lemieux finished with 172 points (76 goals, 96 assists) in the playoffs during his career. 

With this, The Fan Morning Show asked today: How far away is Crosby from Lemieux for being the greatest Pittsburgh Penguin of all-time? Is he already there?

The topic sparked great debate and discussion. It is very difficult to compare these two hockey legends because there are so many differences in the game since they've played. During Lemieux's era (particularly from the mid-80's to the early 90's) points were being scored like crazy. As co-host for the day Andrew Fillipponi cited, just looking at the 1993 season- 14 players scored at least 50 goals in that season, 5 players scored at least 60 and 2 even scored at least 70. Those numbers are unheard of in today's NHL. This season did not see one player score over 50. Of the top 10 highest-scoring seasons in NHL history, Mario Lemieux played in 6 of them.

Lemieux also played when the goaltender's equipment was much smaller, before the butterfly technique was utilized and before there was a red line. That's not to take anything away from him, just different eras.

Eventually the guys boiled it down to this as far as playoff performance: Lemieux scored his 172 points in 107 games. Sidney Crosby has reached 173 points in 152 games. Is the 45-game difference enough to cover the generational differences? Is that comparable or does it favor Sid or Mario? 

It's a fascinating look into the careers of two hockey greats. Of course, Lemieux has done so much more for the organization that just his performance on the ice. But, Crosby's three Stanley Cups he has brought to the Penguins are no small feat either. 

Let's be grateful we've had a front row seat to both. 

You can hear the discussion from today's Fan Morning Show below.