Darren Dreger Says Penguins Are Motivated By Chance To Be A Dynasty

TSN's hockey insider wouldn't bet against Sidney Crosby and the Pens

The Fan Morning Show
April 06, 2018 - 12:11 pm
Sidney Crosby

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Penguins want to make history. That's been their mindset from the very beginning of the season.

TSN Hockey insider Darren Dreger joined the Fan Morning Show on Friday and said that he is confident in the Penguins in the playoffs for a variety of reasons.

"A part of what motivates this group from ownership down is the march into history and wanting to do something historical and wanting to do something incredibly hard, and so satisfying and special, and that's winning three Stanley Cups in a row, " said Dreger. "If that were to be the case, then absolutely we can put the dynasty stamp on the Pittsburgh Penguins."    

The Penguins would be the first franchise to win three championships in a row since the New York Islanders won four in a row from 1980-83. Dreger says another Stanley Cup would put Sidney Crosby among one of the all-time greats as well.

"Beyond the team, then you start looking at individuals, right? And we start to speculate, we start to wonder, pontificate on where does Sidney Crosby-- if Crosby captains the Pittsburgh Penguins to three Stanley Cups in a row-- fit on that list of the best in the game ever," said Dreger. "For me, if he's able to accomplish it, and I'm not betting against him or the Penguins as a team, then I can see him fitting top five of all-time. That's just the level of greatness that would be achieved in doing so."

Dreger also said that Matt Murray flys under the radar but will step up when he is needed most.

"When Corey Crawford was healthy with the Chicago Blackhawks, it kind of fits into that same grouping for me [with Matt Murray]," said Dreger. "Doesn't get the respect deserved, frankly. When we think of Stanley Cup-winning goaltending history jumps off the page and you want that goaltender to be a game-stealer, a game-breaker, just make the flashy saves. Of course, Matt Murray I'm sure has a lot of goals that he wishes he hadn't allowed. But until you get into the playoffs, does it really matter? It doesn't. Based on what we've seen, the body of work from Matt Murray, I think the expectation on himself and from those around him is that he's going to be as good as he has been and that will give Pittsburgh another chance."

You can hear the entire interview with TSN's Darren Dreger on The Fan Morning Show below.