Dave Wannstedt Surprised By Pitt Defensive Struggles

Former Pitt coach thought defense would support the offense

Matt Koll
October 03, 2018 - 12:01 pm
Pitt defense against UNC

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- The Pitt Panthers have, quite frankly, gotten off to a rough start to the 2018 season. After a 33-7 win over Albany to begin the year, the Panthers lost soundly at home to Penn State 51-6, beat ACC opponent Georgia Tech 24-19, but then inexplicably lost again to an underwhelming North Carolina team 38-35 and followed that by suffering a 45-14 drumming at the hands of Central Florida last week.

Former NFL and Pitt head coach now Fox Sports and Big Ten Network analyst Dave Wannstedt joined The Fan Morning Show on Wednesday to talk about Pitt and the college football landscape and why this Pitt team has struggled to begin the season. 

"I had a chance to talk to Pat [Narduzzi] in April or May and he was just so excited about his defense, and in talking with some people up there they finally had some depth on the defensive line," said Wannstedt. "You know me, that's always been a priority for me. Give me some defensive lineman and some [defensive] backs and I'll kind of fill the rest of it in. I guess I would just go back to the defense, I know they made a change with the coordinator and the guy they hired (Randy Bates) I thought that was a great hire."

"To me, I guess I was hoping that the defense, with the depth that they had, would be able to carry the offense a little bit from the standpoint of [having] a young quarterback, you knew it was going to take him a little bit of time. I said that last year, everybody was fired up about beating Miami I said, 'Yeah, that was a great win' but the best thing I saw from the Miami game was that I think they found a quarterback. But he was a young kid so I knew it was going to take him a little bit of time." 

"I don't know, they've got enough seniors on that team, those guys know what to do, the players gotta make some plays. I mean there's no question about that. I think they know what they're doing from a X and O's standpoint, you know Pat's defensive background, they've got a new defensive coordinator in there...gotta get players to make plays, man. I wish there was an easy way. Go recruit, you know?"

You can listen to the entire interview with Dave Wannstedt on The Fan Morning Show below.          

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