David Freese Speaks Again

Pirates veteran believes they’ve turned the page.

Jeff Hathhorn
March 27, 2018 - 10:05 am
David Freese

93.7 the Fan

It seemed like Spring Training really started for the Pirates when David Freese arrived.  Or at least he grabbed the attention of those not just in the clubhouse at Pirate City, but all Pirates fans.

Freese said they needed a new environment and focus, he spoke of a lack of accountability and the need to demand to win.  Freese said it’s not in the air with the Pirates, you don’t feel or see urgency.

Thirty nine days after those words, Freese spoke as the Pirates left Bradenton on Tuesday.

“I’m not going to say if it’s good or bad,” Freese said of his earlier statements.  “On our own we chose what we wanted to say and what we’ve been thinking about all winter.”

Clint Hurdle said it’s a whole different deal around the team right now, saying there are now no hidden agendas and there is communication.  Guys got it out on the table and now you move on.

“It’s definitely a thing where you get it out,” Freese said.  “You understand where people are coming from and you try to build from it.   Not everybody is going to agree, as we know.  I think when you get things out a little bit, it can clean some stuff up.  Definitely turn the page and look forward to executing during the season.”

Freese said they are in a good place right now with the season opening on Thursday.

“We’re focused, a lot of these guys have come up together, been around each other,” Freese said.  “You can tell the comradery is there.  I think guys are focused on what they need to do before they even get to the field and get ready to perform on the field.”

As for many publications or experts picking the Pirates no higher than third in their own division.

“I don’t really give a (darn) about expectations outside of the room,” Freese said.  “I think we put enough on ourselves.  It doesn’t mean anything.  I think maybe some people use individual expectations as fuel, but collectively as a team, we could care less what people think.”