Dunlap: Baseball's Sensitivity Is Exhausting

Colin Dunlap
June 11, 2019 - 6:36 am
Joe Musgrove & Josh Donaldson

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Why is everyone so sensitive? 

When did baseball get like this? Dear goodness. It really is exhausting. 

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Has it always been like this? Heck, I don't know. I don't think so; it seems now we go out of our way to be so damn offended. 

It's turning into a gathering place for the biggest of the complainy complainers. 

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Certainly by now you have seen the highlights --- and lowlights --- of Josh Donaldson getting clipped by a Joe Musgrove fastball in the early portion of Monday night's Braves and Pirates game and all the fallout. You saw where there was no intent but you also saw Donaldson's refusal to simply jog down to first base. 

Oh no. Taking his base wasn't good enough. He had to enter into a stare down competition with Musgrove akin to something you might see in third grade recess at St. Rapheal in Morningside. 

How dumb. 

It was complete with a "what are you looking at?" countered quickly with a "what are you looking at?" 

Give me a freaking break, Josh Donaldson. Stop being so offended. Get your backside down to first. People have been clipped by pitches since the advent of baseball and it will continue as long as the game is played. 

Don't like it? Don't play. 

This all came on the heels of Madison Bumgarner getting all worked up (for like the 54th time) because a guy hit a home run off him. This time it was the Dodgers' Max Muncy who walloped a Bumgarner offering into McCovey Cove. 

Rightly, Muncy was excited about it because, well, that's an OK thing to do when you hit a home run. 

Wrongly, Bumgarner was jammed up about things because, well, that's the fashionable thing to do now in baseball when something doesn't go your way. 

It did, however, lead to one of the best roast jobs in recent memory when Muncy explained that if Bumgarner didn't "want me to watch the ball, go get it out of the ocean." 

Game. Set. Match. 

I can't follow along anymore. It feels like there are too many people getting offended to count. Whether it is someone hacked off that Derek Dietrich likes to look at the home runs he hits or Josh Donaldson taking great offense to his uniform getting brushed or MadBum getting all in a tizzy because some other guy did his job, it's just all too much. Like I have said about 2,000 times now, this game would function a whole lot better if everyone pretty much just worried about themselves. 

Or would that offend someone too? 


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