Dunlap: Be Patient With Sid

Crosby is with the Penguins out west but won't play Tuesday

Colin Dunlap
January 07, 2020 - 4:11 pm
Sidney Crosby practicing on January 3, 2020

Pittsburgh Penguins on Twitter

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Sidney Crosby is on this Western swing with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

We know as much because of the power of social media. Yesterday --- eyeballs emoji and all --- the official Twitter account of the club disseminated a photo of the captain dressed dapperly and walking up stairs to a plane. Presumably it was the team charter headed for Vegas. 

Does that mean he will come back from injury one of the next three games? Either tonight in Las Vegas or subsequent games in Colorado or Arizona through the weekend? Maybe. 

Actually, at this point it would most likely lean toward probable. 

Yes, the return of the big man. 

No. 87 back out there for a team that has somehow held it together since Sid had that surgery for a sports hernia on Nov. 14. 

He shot out of the gate at a point a game --- getting 17 in the first 17 games and was undeniably looking like he was going to have a Sid-type season. After all, that’s what we expect around here … Sid to get somewhere between 85-100 points, put the puck in the net around 35 times a season and show on most nights that he’s the best player on the ice. 

That’s who Sid is; that’s what Sid does. 

He still will be. 

He will illustrate that brilliance. 

He will dominate multiple games before this season is finished.

He will do things that few on the planet currently or ever have been able to do with a hockey stick. 

He will make a goalie look silly and his teammates say “wow” as they are mesmerized by an action they could only dream of pulling off.  

All this, I’d bet on it, will happen before this season is over. 

That said, I got something for you: Have some patience. Relax. Take it easy. 

This might sound blasphemous and totally crazy, but another enormous thing to remember here is that even the best of the best needs a bit of an acclimation period. It will be just fine if Sid doesn’t look like Sid right out of the gate. 

Furthermore, don’t panic if he doesn’t look like Sid for a game or two. Or a week or the span of a couple-three games.    

This is a man ---- albeit a marvelous talent ---- coming back from a surgery and remaining pretty much right along the timeline to return.

And while you hear all the time about the difference between being “in shape” and being “in game shape” there certainly is an applicable quotient here as it pertains to Crosby. 

Yeah, even one of the greatest of all time will need to ramp it back up after missing so much time. Even Sid will have to find game speed once again.  

Sid will get back to being great. That seems like a given. But he’s also 32 even if we picture him in our mind as being perpetually a decade or so younger. 

He’ll get there, he’ll get back. It just might take a little while. Be patient. ​


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