Dunlap: Breakdancing An Olympic Sport? Give It To Me!

Colin Dunlap
June 26, 2019 - 2:35 pm

(Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Lupus LA)


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So we have breakdancing. 

We have competitive climbing/bouldering.

We have skateboarding. 

And we have surfing. 

What do all those things --- sports, if you will --- have in common? All could soon be in the Olympics. Those four summer sports are in various stages of vetting to be included in either the 2020 Tokyo or 2024 Paris Games. 

Give me it; give me all of it. I love it. 

Here’s why: If some of the traditional sports such as basketball and golf and hockey and baseball and boxing aren’t going to have truly the best in the world competing --- let’s supplement the ones in the Olympics where the best compete with some off-the-beaten path sports. I’ll watch those. 

That is to say, don’t try to sell me that an American baseball team made up of some freshman at Georgia State who didn’t get drafted or some washed-up journeyman who recently got released from the White Sox is something I need to watch. It isn’t. Just the same with some basketball player who isn’t in the NBA --- that person representing this country isn’t the best at what they do. So, with that said, those sports are uninteresting to me at the Olympic level. Give me the best or give me nothing.    

Sports such as table tennis or cross-country skiing or track and field or a multitude of others --- now I’ll watch those at the Olympic level. 

Know why? The people out there competing truly are the best in the world. There isn’t some other competition they’d opt for somewhere else instead of the Olympics as it is the top --- if not very near the top --- of the competitive world in those ventures. The Olympics in those sports matter most. It is the pinnacle. 

To people in the NBA or NHL or in Major League Baseball or largely on the PGA Tour, even if everyone was eligible for the Olympics, they just don’t have the prestige that they once had. And an Olympic medal, even a gold one, isn’t anywhere near a match for a championship ring in those respective sports. 

In short, we are getting down-the-liners competing (especially for the USA) in sports such as those. 

And that’s why I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but give me the untraditional. Whether it is breakdancing or rock climbing or whatever --- give me the verybest at what they do and also athletes who strive, with all they have, to get to the Olympics. For them, the Olympics wouldn’t be just some other competition, it would be thecompetition. 

So laugh all you want about breakdancing or surfing or something else in the Olympics. Not me. I’ll take it over some diluted baseball or basketball team any day of the week. ​