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Dunlap: British Open Is Can’t Miss For Me

July 17, 2019 - 5:15 pm

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - The deep bunkers and long rough. The fescue and rye turf. 

The untraditional approach shots where you might be asked to bump-and-run something from 140 yards instead of playing that high, ballooning shot that lands somewhere near the stick. 

All those shifting winds and glorious old buildings. 

The man on the first box announcing the pairings in his unmistakable way just before the wallop of that first tee shot.  

The television shots of the sea in the distance and the spectators wearing shorts one day and then bundled up in woolen shirts the next --- feed it to me. All of it. I need it in my veins. I can’t get enough. 

I’m not a huge “golf guy” as I won’t make a big point to watch whatever PGA Tour event is on each week and I don’t play all that often anymore because time doesn’t allow with a pair of 8 year olds in our home, but give me the British Open. 

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All of it. It never seems to be enough. 

Every single second of it from early, early, early morning on the east coast until the telecast ends as the sun sets in County Antrim is appointment viewing for me.

There are just a few international events that are can’t miss on the sports calendar for me annually and this is one --- it actually might be theone.   

Everyone has their reasoning for liking something and having an affinity for it, but with the British Open for me I think it comes down to nostalgia and history --- you can just feel the tradition of the event pressing into your living room through your television. 

That’s just the half of it, however. 

For me, professional golf is at its best when the course is able to humble the best in the world. Certainly, there is an entertainment value in seeing someone throw darts all week and win a tournament at -22, but for me, I find the play most intriguing when the winner is right around par each day.

Give me something where the wind whips and/or the mist stings and in a weird way I enjoy it. I appreciate the very best on the globe getting out there and having to exhibit a variety of shot-making skills. 

The next four days should provide the highest of high drama. It seems the Open comes down to the very end just about every year. 

Even if you aren’t the biggest golf person in the world, all that goes into it makes it appointment viewing in my estimation. ​


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