Dunlap: Bud Dupree Would Do Well To Slow It Down

Colin Dunlap
May 23, 2019 - 6:41 am
Bud Dupree

Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

If ever there was a time to be quiet, it is now. 

Maybe not all the way quiet, but perhaps stay away from going at reporters on social media. 

Is that too much to ask? I mean, really, is it too much to ask to not call a portly reporter "fat boy" in a Twitter post.  

Bud Dupree, however, couldn't help himself. 

And while it doesn't offend me in the least that one full-grown man called another full-grown man "fat boy" the real issue in this instance is timing. 

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It's simply dumb to do right now. I thought this was a time wherein the Pittsburgh Steelers were attempting a full-scale image makeover. Apparently, however, Bud Dupree isn't on the text chain explaining as much. 

The crazy part? At the heart of all of it, I think Dupree was right in what he said -- it's just that his timing was way off. 

On Wednesday, Mark Kaboly of The Athletic tweeted, in part, that he thought JuJu Smith-Schuster's words about preferring wins to personal accomplishments were a shot at Antonio Brown. 

For my money they weren't. 

I fully disagree with Kaboly. 

From my vantage, Kaboly was trying way too hard to make sure that 1 and 1 made 2 in an instance when it didn't add up. Instead,it was just coincidence. Not everything needs to be a controversy, yet he felt the need to try to make it into one. 

Dupree felt the same way and went at Kaboly on Twitter. Part of the since-deleted Tweet called Kaboly --- a bigger than average fellow --- "fat boy" and didn't appear to have all that welcoming of a tone from Big Bud. 

I get sticking up for a teammate. But this is the wrong time and Bud is the wrong guy. To the heart of it, as the Steelers' behavior became a laughingstock last season, calling reporters names right now (even though it doesn't offend me one iota) is the wrong play. 

Timing is everything and Dupree's timing couldn't have been worse. 

I kind of think it is to the point with the Pittsburgh Steelers --- and this is just my opinion --- where many of the fans would like to hear mostly from three guys: Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Heyward and Ramon Foster. 

Those guys have earned it. Those guys are leaders.

Sure there are others --- as the other offensive linemen and Joe Haden also quickly come to mind, but the list feels short. It seems few guys pretty much speak only the truth and they don't disseminate nonsensical, name-calling barbs on social media.  

Kevin Colbert or someone named Rooney over on the South Side should reiterate to this bunch that those guys do the majority of the talking and guys like Dupree tone it down. 

The Steelers right now --- at least from an image standpoint --- are in a weird time and space. They can't afford many missteps. 

Bud Dupree's timing was all wrong. Bud Dupree, at least for now, should do a lot more practicing and playing and a lot less talking.  


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