Dunlap: FIFA Has Lost It's Mind With Latest Suggestion

Soccer governing body wants cameras to pan away from pretty

Colin Dunlap
July 12, 2018 - 2:12 pm

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What is the world coming to?

Apparently, we can't celebrate the beautiful people during the beautiful game anymore. My Lord do some get offended so easily and/or do they go out of their way looking to be offended. The latest tale comes from The World Cup, where FIFA wants to clamp down on --- get this --- their broadcast partners showing so many of those crowd cutaway shots of wonderful looking women. 

Yes, I'm serious. This is a thing. This really is a thing. This is not The Onion.  

This from The Associated Press ... 

"Analyzing the World Cup's issues at a briefing Wednesday, the head of FIFA's diversity program also acknowledged wanting fewer images of attractive women in stadiums to be shown on future broadcasts. Federico Addiechi — FIFA's head of social sustainability and diversity — said FIFA plans to talk with national broadcasters and its own TV production team about the issue."

The issue? What issue? My goodness is this ever a stretch. Television, by its very nature, is a visual medium and seemingly since the time it was invented it made the most sense to put the most visibly pleasing people on television whenever given the chance. That isn't sexism, that isn't objectifying anyone or minimizing them as a person, it is just what is best for business. Good looking people resonate best and shine through brightest on that screen --- at least in my opinion. Do yourself a favor: Flip on any newscast or sportscast on any station and count the number of people working who wouldn't be considered visually pleasing. It's small; very small. And it is just the way the world is. I don't see how anyone can take offense to such a thing.  

It's one thing to employ someone for their looks, but quite another to simply flash them on a television screen as they are part of a crowd. 

For example, if me and a couple buddies are at a baseball game enjoying a few beers, I wouldn't expect the camera panning the crowd to find us during a cutaway and fixate on us for any length of time. We are just a few regular guys and, to be frank, don't tip the needle toward "beautiful" on the looks continuum. Hell, if anything the needle tips in the opposite direction. If they decide to show a very good looking person --- whether it be male or female --- as the crowd shots twist into focus, the last thing it will ever do is offend me. 

Another thing with all of this "stop showing so many pretty girls" campaign by FIFA that seems interesting to me is that it isn't cheap to travel to The World Cup and score tickets to the event. It is a decently painstaking monetary endeavor to the common person. That's why, for the most part, you'll find not the common man, but people who are worth a decent buck sitting in the good seats at the venues --- and the good seats is where the cameras often pan. To further this line of thinking, it has been my finding in life that many times people with a lot of money can be physically attractive. Or, at the very least, the percentage of physically attractive and in shape people among the rich is higher than that who don't have a lot of money. So there's the logic for me, it's simple: when that camera cuts away into the crowd at The World Cup and does so in the high-end seats, there are bound to be a higher saturation of good looking people than in a lot of places on Earth. I have no scientific data to back up such a claim, but logic and being on this planet for 41 years tells me I feel pretty safe making it. 

When I read what the representative of FIFA was suggesting, I honestly just chuckled. I can't believe we are living in a world now that is so hypersensitive, so over-the-top with the need to be politically correct that we are calling for beautiful women to stop being shown on television during sporting events. When it is done, women aren't being objectified, they are simply being highlighted for their beauty and celebrated for being in shape, etc. Just because that is happening doesn't mean people can, have or will ignore the other qualities they have besides their looks --- it just means at that time their beauty is being accentuated. What the heck is wrong with that? What the heck is wrong with celebrating beauty and physical attractiveness? 

And I have one big question for FIFA, come to think of it. If the broadcast partners carry out your wishes and go in a different direction as they cutaway to the crowd from now on, will beautiful women have a legitimate claim that you are discriminating against them? I mean, it would sure seem that way.