Dunlap: Flyers Fans Are Downright Filth

What kinds of 'fans' behave like this?

Colin Dunlap
April 23, 2018 - 1:30 pm

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Flyers fans are trash. Philadelphia fans, by and large, are trash. 

Am I painting with a rather wide brush? Certainly I am. And it doesn't bother me one bit because the repeated behavior of fans in that city is repulsive. It is revolting and downright abhorrent. 

Sunday was the latest chapter in what seemingly could be a hundreds-of-pages long book written about the sickening behavior of fans in Philadelphia. You know what happened by now --- Bryan Rust of the Penguins hammered home a late-game empty net goal to put the final touches on the game, series and the Flyers' season and down came the beer cans. Full ones. From the upper reaches of the venue. And I'm not talking a singular, rogue fan. Oh no, there were multiple cans flung from upon high. 

"Just watch it," NBC analyst Pierre McGuire said on the broadcast as the aluminum flew. "There's heavy artillery flying all over down here. Beer cans and everything."

What a bunch of morons. Seriously, I'm far from some prude and understand passion and wanting your team to win --- but what a bunch of morons. Flyers fans didn't stop there. Oh no, that wasn't enough. They continued to throw trash and debris during the postgame handshake line. 

These shenanigans came about two years after the Flyers were assessed a penalty for multiple fans firing bracelets (that were given away at a game) down on the ice. 

So the question isn't "are Flyers and Philadelphia fans trash?" ... we have firmly arrived at an answer that they are. 

The question moving forward is what to do about it. 

In terms of the Flyers, it is time for the National Hockey League to step in as it has become incredibly obvious the security measures put in place by the organization aren't working. And, again, this isn't some "I hate Philadelphia" take or some pro-Pittsburgh take; rather it is looking at everything and having logic rise to the top. It is time to step in --- after seeing the display on Sunday with the beer cans --- and have the league take proactive measures to make sure someone doesn't get killed. That isn't hyperbole or exaggeration. I mean killed. Someone could get killed in that place. 

Whatever the requisite number of security cameras are in a venue such as that (if there are a requisite number) it needs to be doubled. And there needs to be more manpower devoted to watching the cameras. Whatever the punishment for throwing objects on the ice is, it needs to immediately become more stringent. Also, how many ever security guards and law enforcement agents there are working the game needs to be spiked exponentially --- and they need to have a more visible presence. 

If the Flyers aren't ready or willing to put in place such measures, it is the league's responsibility to those paying customers who actually behave and participants in the game to do so. 

I look at it this way. On accident, one wayward puck in Columbus killed a sweet little girl who was just there to watch a hockey game. It all happened on accident; a total freak thing. And you know what the NHL did to start the next season? It made every team in the league install netting to pretty much insure such an event wouldn't happen again.

Here we have projectiles with much force and velocity flying through the air and being not on accident. They are being thrown by some imbeciles who are mad about something and don't know how to (or are too drunk to) act how you should. If one of those full beer cans drills someone on the head, we could be looking at very serious injury or worse. And the blood wouldn't just be on the hands of the person who threw it, but at this point I'm pinning it on the Flyers' organization who has repeatedly not done enough. 

After what I saw Sunday, it's time for the league to step in. Step in now before you don't have a choice but to step in --- because someone who just went to watch a hockey game, or play in one, is dead.