Dunlap: Haley Was Browns Downfall

Colin Dunlap
October 30, 2018 - 6:45 am
Todd Haley

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Wait just one minute.

There is no way this happened. 

I'm stunned. I'm shocked. 

I just can't believe it. 

So, are you trying to tell me that Todd Haley was involved in a relationship with another human that ended up going sour? 

No way. This one is the biggest stunners since the sun actually came up. 

No wonder these guys don't win. No wonder they are the Cleveland Browns -- with just two wins in their past 37 tries. This was doomed from the start, from the time they hired Todd Haley and tried to make it work with a head coach like Hue Jackson, a man schooled on the offensive side of the ball. 

In short, it was a disaster waiting to happen. 

There was going to be a clashing of heads because Haley is a man who doesn't take kindly to taking orders or one who feels any decision he makes should be questioned --- especially so from someone who he feels he is a better coach than.  

This all became abudently clear going into the Steelers game when the conflict between Jackson and Haley was, for the most part, unfixable. Never were the Browns going to recover from a span of time when the head coach said clearly that he'd maybe put his hand more deeply into playcalling then, in a weird stance a few days later, tried to backtrack a bit. 

And all the while Jackson --- in the midst of it --- reminded everyone about 2,348,373,902,561,832 times that he was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. He did so almost defiantly. He did so, in my estimation at least, as a clear and direct shot at someone like Haley to remind Haley that he had a boss and that in the power struggle Jackson was going to be the one to win. 

In the end, none of them won. 

Jackson got canned; Haley got the ax. 

In the end, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is left standing there to command a team that can play some defense and has an exciting young talent in Baker Mayfield to play quarterback. 

So going into this season --- and perhaps it was the hype built by HBO --- we were all told how the Cleveland Browns were going to be better. We were all directed to pay attention because this was finally going to be the breakout season and things were going to be different. The franchise gathered together players, in bold moves, who they felt were truly ready to compete in the AFC North and run out on that field and be able to give fits to the Steelers and Bengals and Ravens. 

Know what we got? 


We got the same old Browns.

They are the butt of jokes --- again.  

And I got a huge laugh. I'm still laughing. I'm laughing my backside off, actually. 

I'm laughing because I can't believe someone actually thought this could all work, that a big turnaround and happy family could work, with Todd Haley as any part of it. 

Just about anything Haley is involved in is, eventually, headed for a terrible crash.

You're dumber than the Browns front office if you didn't see the crash coming. 

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