Dunlap: Here's Hoping Tiger Always Finishes Second

Colin Dunlap
March 12, 2018 - 1:22 pm

Jasen Vinlove - USA Today


Tiger Woods finishing second this past weekend was the best possible outcome.

Furthermore, I hope Tiger Woods finishes second in every single golf tournament he plays the rest of his life.

Every single one.

Yep, from right now moving through until the time he finally calls it quits --- or his back finally gives out. Or, well, a combination of the two.

I hope he never wins again, but I hope he’s always right there to keep us riveted, fascinated and immersed. I don’t watch a lot of golf, but if Tiger is in contention, I’ll watch to root against him.

Here’s hoping the arrogant, condescending egoist who has been able to purchase his transgressions away never wins again. To me, he comes off smug, haughty and perpetually unaware of just how lucky he is to still be doing what he’s doing.

I ain’t mad. I ain’t a hater. I just know what I would like to see. And I want to see Eldrick finish second all the time.

Why? Because then golf can, in a sense, make a bit of a comeback on the back of Tiger but he doesn’t get to fully realize the riches. He doesn’t get to bathe in the wealth and glory. Instead, he would fall oh-so close time and time again, yet the networks would benefit along with the sponsors. So, too, would the other players as some of the people who have tuned away might tune back in. The Tiger Effect would help raise purses and visibility as more eyes would fixate on golf, but Woods finishing second would just have him be the vehicle they used and not one who fully cashed in. I’d love it, to be sure.  

Is all this harsh? Maybe.

Is this line of thinking childish? I don’t think so.

Here is why: The sports landscape needs villainous characters; it needs those entities and beings that some root for but some find it easy to root against. There are usual suspects such as Notre Dame football, the New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys, Kobe Bryant and the such. Each have their fans and fervent detractors --- much like Woods --- but there is no question the landscape of their particular sports seem much more exciting when those entities are performing well. Woods, to be sure, is no different. He is one of those. Golf is more exciting when he’s there, and not just when he’s there but when he’s on the first page of the leaderboard.

To me, he is also a guy who many in the mainstream media --- especially the golf media --- give a free pass to. They have moved on too quickly; they pay court to and fawn over his every move, even as his past is seedy at best. I don’t know, everyone has stuff in their past they aren’t proud of, but Tiger Woods appears to have a ton of stuff in his past that should make people shake their heads. Instead he appears as some American Hero again and all too quickly.  

Make no mistake, golf needs Tiger Woods right now. His continued solid play would be a much-needed shot in the arm right now.

But him winning? Nah. I don’t want to see it. I’d like to see him always finish second so, selfishly, I can get all I want.