Dunlap: How Comfortable Is Pickett?

Colin Dunlap
September 03, 2019 - 10:52 am
Kenny Pickett

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Just kind of thinking out loud here ... but is Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett too comfortable in his current situation? 

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This isn't a knock on him and these aren't words written to run him down --- in a way, perhaps, maybe they are all just words wondering if there truly is enough motivation. 

But, again I ask, is Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett too comfortable in his current situation? 

After watching Pitt unable to muster any real continuity and seeing the Panthers sputter through a 30-14 loss against Virginia in the season opener, there are questions. 

There are some more questions. 

And then a couple more. 

Were these just growing pains for Pickett, as he grows more accustomed to a new offensive coordinator and system? 

Is Pitt planning on chucking it around the yard this many times with Mark Whipple as the commander of this unit? 

Was it more the drops and miscues of others that mounted up and eventually added up to Pitt starting the season with an ACC loss or can much of it be put on the shoulders of Pickett? 

Yet, here is the biggest question for me: Is there any point in which head coach Pat Narduzzi --- without an injury to Pickett -- could simply go to Jeff George Jr. to be the young man at quarterback for the Panthers? 

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After all, George did start nine games at Illinois in the past and would appear to provide, at the very least, a veteran option that could (or should, depend on how you see it) provide a jolt to the offense. 

I'm not advocating George play. I'm just wondering if it is even an option. 

Pickett's 21 for 41 for 185 and two interceptions to go with a touchdown against Virginia was a pretty big blah for me. 

It wasn't awful; but it wasn't exciting either. 

It was the kind of game that has been customary for Pickett, his big game against Miami notwithstanding. 

So that's the biggest question for me: Does Pickett feel any heat that he could be replaced or is he ultra-safe? I don't pretend to know the innerworkings of Pitt chain of command or how people inside those offices communicate, but it is really, really intriguing to me to wonder what has been said to George. 

I wonder if it has been relayed to George (and Pickett as well) that George is solely a player who will get time if Pickett is injured. Or, is there real competition? That is to say, is there any way in which George could do enough in practice and Pickett not do enough in games where there could be a shift --- if even just for a few series'. 

Who knows? We will see. 

I think Kenny Pickett is talented. 

I really do. 

I don't think that game he had against Miami was fully a mirage. 

I'm interested to know, however, if maybe he's just a bit too comfortable in his role. If maybe, just maybe, he's in a position where it is next-to-impossible for him to be challenged. 

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