Dunlap: Kevin Colbert is Right

Colin Dunlap
February 28, 2019 - 6:06 am
Kevin Colbert

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The national media will continue to buzz. The story will keep being juicy. Heck, I have heard them buzzing like 100 hives already. You can almost hear them shaking their heads so hard in disbelief --- they seem bent out of shape. 

They don't believe Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert. 

They think he's full of hot air. 

I heard one prominent national host say he was "out of touch" and audibly laugh at Colbert. 

They think he doesn't have a pulse on what's going on. 

I am here to tell you he is dead right. They have it wrong and he is dead right. Mr. Colbert is unequivocally correct about something. 

And no, it doesn't have anything to do with the 'can Antonio Brown some way return to the Pittsburgh Steelers' situation ... it doesn't have anything to do with that as I don't believe AB can be back. 

Instead, it has everything to do with too many people shaking their heads and wringing their hands over the following quote from the NFL Combine: 

“I really don’t agree with the perception that there’s huge drama within the Pittsburgh Steelers locker room," Colbert said on Wednesday in Indianapolis. "Again, Coach Tomlin treats our players like men. He gives them the opportunity to be a man and he tries to grow them. Not only as professional football players, but as fathers, as brothers, just as men. So really I have a complete disagreement that the perception that our locker room is anything but very functional.”

Cue the big groans and disagreement from the national media. Cue the yelling and screaming and them telling you they know the locker room better than the GM. They are loud. 

But like I told you, Colbert is right about this, dead right about this. 

Know why? The Pittsburgh Steelers don't have this enormous atmosphere problem within the locker room or some gigantic workplace environment toxicity.

What we have here is easy to diagnose: It is a case of one person --- Antonio Brown --- acting like a total lunatic and upsetting an otherwise normal NFL locker room. 

You got that? The Pittsburgh Steelers locker room functions exactly the same as the other places in the league except for the diva-ish, selfish and demanding ways of Antonio Brown. 

And as soon as he is gone, dare I say that just about all --- if not all --- of the problems go out the door with him. 

So I know the story seems juicy to some and the national media has jumped all over it. Calm down, calm way down, calm the hell down. 

Kevin Colbert knows exactly what he's talking about here. There is just one problem in that locker room and it has two initials: A.B.