Dunlap: Tomlin Could Go To Washington If …

Colin Dunlap
October 07, 2019 - 2:06 pm

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - So there are reports, huh? 

It seems we-love-him-sometimes, we-can’t-stand-his-decisions-other-times coach Mike Tomlin has been linked to the Washington Redskins vacancy. Or, at the very least, his name has popped up in one-sided form after Jay Gruden’s key to the facility in the Beltway stopped working overnight and he was unceremoniously dumped by the winless ‘Skins. 

Could Mike Tomlin be the next coach for owner Daniel Snyder’s bunch? I highly doubt it. 

And by highly doubt it I’m placing the chances of him being the coach next season with Washington at about 0.412 percent – and that might be a tad bit high. 

Snyder can want Tomlin all he likes, but with the coach currently under contract here in Pittsburgh through the 2021 season, it makes it a longshot that he will head elsewhere. 

As we know the Steelers don’t fire coaches. Or at least don’t do with much regularity. Keeping coaches around and allowing them to fight through the tough times has been a hallmark of the Steelers’ franchise. They pride themselves, as an organization, on not getting too up or down. 

On top of that, Snyder is notoriously tough to work for. He is about the polar opposite of the Rooney family when it comes to stability and, even as the Redskins would be Tomlin’s boyhood hometown team and he has a son currently playing at the University of Maryland, it might be really tough to sign up for coaching in an environment where the owner is so unpredictable. 

Would a guy who is as smart and determined ---- and who has already accomplished so much in football ---- want to coach underneath a man who many view as acting tyrannical? I don’t really think.  

Now to the very, very, very, very (and 1,000 more verys) small chance that he could end up coaching in Washington next season.

The first thing that would have to happen, in my estimation at least, is that Ben Roethlisberger would need to have some setback in his rehab and/or give the hint that he could be retiring sooner rather than later. It feels to me that Tomlin won’t go anywhere if he is of the mind that he has a healthy Ben coming back --- even with a Ben at such an advanced age.

But if Roethlisberger’s right arm is forever broken or he is a shell of himself, I could see Tomlin entertaining such a move. 

I could see him getting out of town before the real collapse came. 

And such a move would most likely need to be facilitated through a trade. It would require Tomlin going to the organization (because, again, they appear happy with him) and the coach saying that he feels his time is up here. 

Only then it would be prudent for Kevin Colbert to trigger that very rare but workable coach-for-draft pick(s) trade in the NFL. 

Is Mike Tomlin going to Washington? I wouldn’t bet on it. As much as Dan Snyder might want him leading the football team, I would think he is the dreamiest of dream candidates. 

It’s nice to talk about and interesting to envision, but it would most likely take big news on Ben to even start that ball rolling. ​

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