Dunlap: Who are the Steelers?

Colin Dunlap
October 08, 2018 - 9:29 am
Antonio Brown and James Conner

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- I don't know. 

I just don't know. 

Actually, it's beyond that --- I haven't any clue. 

What are the 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers? Who are the 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers? 

Are they good? Are they bad? Are they something in the middle?

Are they a .500 team? 

Are they a squad who could legitimately be among the finest in the AFC? 

Could they play in the Super Bowl? Could they miss the playoffs? 

Wish I knew. Man, what a head-scratcher. This is such a paradox right now. 

Through five games, the Pittsburgh Steelers are 2-2-1 and probably the most confusing and confounding edition of the squad I have seen in quite some time. They might be the most confusing, the most confounding squad in the NFL right now. 

Take the defense for example. 

Look at what they did against Atlanta --- they forced Matt Ryan into uneasiness all day, sacking him six times and never allowing him the kind of rhythm he generally establishes. 

That's a far cry from what happened in earlier games this season, when the defense couldn't get set, routinely had 12 guys on the field and showed about as much organization as a preschool game of Red Rover. The defense looked like they were told 10 minutes before the game it was a game day when they played the Chiefs -- and they paid for it. There was so much confusion and bewilderment against Andy Reid's offense. 

But against Atlanta they couldn't have been more locked in, they let their defense take it to the Falcons. 

So who are they? Heck if I can tell. 

I don't know what the offensive line is, either. 

One weekend they block the hell out of the Falcons, another weekend they can't keep Ben clean and that veteran group looks like it is frazzled and confused. 

What about Ben? Is he fading some or still among the very top flight quarterbacks in the league? Sure looked like his deep ball was back against the Falcons when it had been so bad earlier in the season. 

So who is the 2018 Ben? Is he among the finest in the league or a guy who we are starting to see some cracks in his game? 

Wish I knew; hell I can't call it. It's all such a mystery. 

So who are they? No idea. Sunday against the Falcons did nothing but confuse me more. 

But I know this: We should know a lot more about the Steelers' real identity after they take on Cincinnati this coming weekend. ​Their identity will most likely be forged in that game before the off week. AFC North road action tends to do that to you.


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