Bouchette On AB Trade Talk: This Might Be An Artificial Deadline To Drive Up The Price

Joe Kapp
March 06, 2019 - 1:14 pm

According to national reports the Antonio Brown trade market is heating up so much that reports are that a deal could be in place by this Friday.

Our Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette thinks this might be a ploy by the Steelers to get a better return so he is not sure that come Friday a deal will be finalized.

"I think it could...But I don't know why it would, I don't know why there is a Friday deadline," Bouchette said. "If the Steelers are telling teams that..are they creating an artificial deadline to try and drive up the price up to get this thing done?"

Bouchette points out that no deal can be done until the league opens for business on March 13th.

So why would a deal need to happen before then?

Bouchette says the Steelers should be open to trading him to any team and not focused on trying to trade him out of the division or to the Patriots. It should be for the best deal no matter who and where it is.

So can the Steelers fetch a first round pick for AB?

"I don't care what they get," Bouchette added "I don't know why a team would give up a #1 at this point after what he has done."

Bouchette knows that he will be on the move somewhere.

Listen to the full interview to hear Bouchette's thoughts on what the Steelers will do in free agency and in the draft to replace both AB and Le'Veon Bell and to fix the defense. 

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