Edmunds Makes An Impression On Teammates

First-round pick Terrell Edmunds continues to grow in the Steelers secondary

Shelby Cassesse
August 12, 2018 - 3:10 pm
Terrell Edmunds

LATROBE (93.7 The Fan) - First-round draft pick Terrell Edmunds made one of the more anticipated debuts in the Steelers preseason game in Philadelphia Thursday.

The safety recorded three tackles and spent time with the first string on special teams. The Steelers still have four weeks before their first regular season game in Cleveland, but Edmunds said he has already felt his game grow through camp.

"Mentally, I would say that's the biggest thing. On the physical side, you see some of the same guys, but on the mental standpoint, you got new calls, new plays and everything, so you've got to really adjust." 

With safety Morgan Burnett injured for a portion of camp, Edmunds has received reps with the first-string defense. He says he has enjoyed his time playing alongside some of the Steelers veterans, but it doesn't come without challenge. 

"They don't make as many mistakes. We have some young guys like me out there, you might make a mistake here and there. With the vets, they know what they're doing at every time, so they're going out every play and excelling at the play."

Mistakes or not, Edmunds has clearly turned the heads of his teammates and coaches during his stay at Saint Vincent. Cornerback Joe Haden says he has taken the time to work with Edmunds, and he sees the potential for the young safety to cause some problems for opposing offenses. 

"He's super athletic, he's really really strong, he's fast, he's quick, smart. He can tackle very very well, so that in the box and all that stuff, it looks very comfortable for him to be there. He's showing that he can do a lot of different things."

Edmunds has spent the majority of his time on defense at strong safety, but is open to any position the team needs to fill. He believes becoming a starter this year is within the realm of possibility.

"I always have that mindset just to go out there and push the guys that's in front of me, hopefully just to push them to their highest ability. At the end of the day, if they're playing at a high level, we're going to win the game, so that's the ultimate goal."

It seems that Haden feels the same way, saying that he doesn't notice a drop off in skill when Edmunds is in the secondary.

"He understands the defenses. He's able to communicate back there. He's most of the time on my side, so we're talking, communicating and he knows what's going on, so as long as me and him are on the same page, we get our checks. He's making his plays, he's doing a good job."