Fan Morning Show: Do You Root For Tiger Woods?

Tiger's success might be good for golf, but do we have to like him?

Matt Koll
March 12, 2018 - 11:27 am
tiger woods

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports


Tiger Woods finished tied for second at the Valspar Championship over the weekend but the real winner was the sport of golf. Even after all this time off with injuries, controversies and scandals, Woods still brings ratings gold when he has even a little bit of success. But given his checkered past, do you root for him when you watch him on TV? 

Colin said that he roots for Tiger to have some success, but with a caveat.  He roots for Tiger to get toward the top of the leaderboard, get all of his fans excited for his return to form, only to have him fail and finish in second at best like he did yesterday. He wants the sport of golf to siphon all it can from Woods-- the ratings, the money, the relevancy-- while Tiger ultimately comes up short every single time. He thinks it would be a fitting part of his punishment for having cheated on his wife, driven while under the influence of drugs and crashing his car and overall being just a humongous jerk to people. Chris Mack, filling in this week for Jim Colony, doesn't care if Tiger actually wins tournaments again, he just wants the Sunday drama that Woods brings with him to return to the sport again. He's all about the entertainment of it. Do you root for Woods to succeed or fail?

We called Jim Colony today from Bradenton. He says that there should be a little bit of worry about Chad Kuhl because he got rocked in his last outing. He also told us that Hurdle believes Gregory Polanco looks different this year and that he looks a lot more smooth and athletic. He and Starling Marte have really hit well this spring.