Fan Morning Show: Ryan Whitney Calls Jim Colony A Sheep

The former Penguin defenseman continues his longtime beef with Jim

Matt Koll
March 13, 2018 - 12:01 pm

Roman Nedoshkovskiy

If you have listened to the show over some time, you may have heard Jim Colony talk about the one player that grew to dislike him over his years covering sports in town: former Penguins defenseman Ryan Whitney.

Where did this beef spawn from you ask? In the midst of a rough patch for the Penguins, Jim called out Whitney by name on the radio and said that he needed to be tougher in his own end. Essentially, Jim called him a little soft. Well, Whitney heard Jim's comments and the next time he saw him in the locker room, he let Jim know of his displeasure.

As Jim remembers it, he was talking to one of either Brooks Orpik or Rob Scuderi, fellow defensemen who had lockers next to Whitney's. During the interview, Jim could see Whitney staring at him out of the corner of his eye. Finally, Jim made eye contact with him...

Whitney: "Really?"

Jim: "What do you mean?"

Whitney: (in disbelief and disappointment) "You think I'm soft?" 

Jim: "Yeah, I think you could be tougher, especially around your own net."

Jim says they had had a great relationship prior to that conversation. The two men never really resolved their issues before Whitney got traded during that 2009 season to the Anaheim Ducks for Chris Kunitz and Eric Tangradi. 

So now nine years later, Ryan Whitney is retired and is an analyst for the NHL Network. He joined us today on the show and talked about how Marc-Andre Fleury probably won't get the credit he deserves for being as good as he is until after he retires and that it's hard to believe Alexander Ovechkin has a chance to catch Wayne Gretzky for most career goals scored with 894. At the end of the interview, Colin asked Whitney about Jim and if there is still a rift between them. 

Whitney responded with, "I don't worry about like sheep, you know? Like, if I'm a lion I'm not going to worry about the opinions of Colony, as a sheep." 

Listen to the full interview below, the phone connection wasn't outstanding but Whitney may have called Jim "Con-ley" instead of "Colony." Check it out and decide for yourself.