Fan Morning Show: Worry About Murray?

Some fans are concerned about the Penguins goaltender heading into the playoffs

Matt Koll
March 26, 2018 - 11:15 am
Matt Murray

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Murray has given up 11 goals in three games since returning from his concussion on March 20 against the Islanders. 

This has some Penguins fans concerned about his play heading into the playoffs as the Pens finish out their final six regular season games. It inspired our daily Twitter poll, which yielded some interesting results. 

About 50% of voters say they are just "fairly confident" in Murray, followed by about 35% saying that he is shaky. Only about 15% say they have full confidence, while the very small remaining percentage say they have no confidence in him. 

The guys discussed this throughout the show today and some concerns with Murray were brought up, chief of those being Murray's health. He has had his ups and downs this season but Colin, Josh and Jim all say that Murray staying healthy is what is really in question. The book may be out on Murray, as we heard the analysts on NBC yesterday talk about how teams should create traffic in front of him and even bump him a little because he has proven to be susceptible to injury. Murray's glove side has proven to be weak throughout his career but if there is worry, it's that he won't make it through a grueling playoff run without missing at least a few games, leaving it up to Casey DeSmith and/or Tristan Jarry to carry the load. 

There seems to be two strong sides of the argument. One side says that Murray is just an average goaltender that has received a lot of help from a dominant offense and by having Marc-Andre Fleury share the job with him the past two seasons. The other says that no goalie wins two Stanley Cups by being just average when it matters most and that Murray is a proven playoff performer already at the age of 23. 

Which side do you land on?

You can listen to our discussion below.