The Fan Morning Show's 2018 Steelers Drama List

With more sure to come!

Matt Koll
January 02, 2019 - 11:12 am
Mike Tomlin

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- This seems like a good time to drag this out. 

Given all the drama that surrounded the Steelers in 2017 and with most of the people involved in the drama still with the team heading into 2018, The Fan Morning Show decided to keep a running list of all the events the team created that became headlines either locally or nationally or both. 

Were some of these the reason why the Steelers finished the year 9-6-1 and out of the playoffs? Many think they were. 

Regardless, the list didn't disappoint. 

So we present to you it all its glory, with surely more to come after Mike Tomlin addresses the media at noon on Wednesday. These follow a general chronological order and begins with the unofficial start of the NFL calendar year, in April around draft time.   


​- Ben says Steelers shouldn't have drafted Mason Rudolph. ​


-James Harrison goes on FS1 and says Tomlin doesn't discipline his team enough. 


-Le'Veon Bell no long term deal, sits out camp again 


-AB says media causes him problems and makes it tough on him because of the pressure he deals with. Shows up to camp in a choppa


-Le'Veon Bell is filmed at a strip club while camp is going on. 


-AB disappears for a week during training camp. Tomlin claims that he had been sent to Pittsburgh for medical tests, but AB was filmed in a pool in Miami.


-Steelers plan to build a wall around Southside facility because of "drones and such" 


-Bell doesn't show up Week 1. Pouncey, Foster, DeCastro voice their anger and frustration with him. 


-Landry Jones cut instead of Dobbs. Ben says how can you help me though Josh?


-Brown makes a joke in a GQ article about cheating on his girlfriend and mother of children, saying “it’s kind of hard to keep it in my pants.” 


-AB threatens ESPN reporter Jesse Washington on social media, also calls Ed Bouchette a racist. 


-Steelers tie Browns Week 1. Lev Bell tweets monocle emoji, later seen at Miami club


-AB gets in Steelers OC Randy Fichtner and WR coach Darryl Drake's face Week 2 vs Chiefs. Then tweets on Monday in response to a critical tweet from former Steelers PR man Ryan Scarpino saying "trade me let's find out" and misses practice. Snippy with media Wednesday after.


-The same day as the AB tweet, Bud Dupree slides into a fan's DMs telling them he was with their girl last night. 


-Bell seemingly looks fat on a jet ski then shows up on stage rapping somewhere in Miami   


-Ben linked to a story with Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump 


-Sunday before Week 3 against Bucs, Steelers are open to trading Le'Veon Bell 


-James Harrison goes on FS1's "Undisputed" and suggests Bell should fake an injury when he comes back


-Jeremy Fowler reports that Bell will report to the team during Week 7 bye. No one from the team has talked to him about it. 


-TMZ reports that a man is suing AB for throwing furniture out his apartment window, almost killing a 22 month old toddler. AB refusing to pay for damages. Reported that $80,000 and a gun was stolen from him. 


-Ben says his elbow hurts and it affected his throws, but he'll grit through it and play well because well...he's Ben.


-Lev Bell doesn't show up during bye week despite reports that he would.  


-Mike Tomlin says before Week 9 game against the Ravens "We need volunteers, not hostages" when referring to Bell. 


-Monday after Week 9 Lev Bell tweets "fairwell Miami" and is spotted a day later playing basketball at the McKnight Rd LA Fitness


-Wednesday of Week 10, Lev Bell tweets upside down to his haters  


-Deadline day comes and goes and Bell never shows up to the Steelers facility after all 


-Teammates plunder Bell's locker after it is confirmed he will not show this season 


-AB gets caught going over 100 mph on McKnight Rd on Thursday morning before TNF game against Carolina. 


-Colin Dunlap and Ryan Switzer get into a Twitter beef but turn it into a fundraiser for Children's Hospital 


-After Week 12 loss to Denver, Ben comes on his radio show and blames AB's route-running and the play calling for his end zone interception and calls out James Washington for not being good enough. 


-Did Ben purposefully stay out of the Oakland game when he was healthy enough to go in? Did Mike Tomlin choose Josh Dobbs over Ben? Is there a disconnect between Tomlin and Ben? What happened here?? 


-Steelers legend Rocky Bleier rips the team on Facebook, says he done with the Steelers and calls for Boswell, Butler and possibly Tomlin's job. 


-Ben and Tomlin say the x-ray machine in Oakland didn't give them clear results leading to Ben being kept out of the Oakland game. 


-Ben rips NFL Network's Ian Rapoport for his report that Ben had cracked ribs.


-We (The Fan Morning Show) then have Ian Rapoport on the next day and he stands by his report of cracked ribs. 


-Chris Boswell goes on the IR before the last game of the year, in comes "participation trophy" looking Matt McCrane. But alas...he was good! 


-During Week 17, AB reportedly gets mad at Ben at practice on a Wednesday, throws a ball at him and leaves practice. 


-AB skips walkthrough before Bengals game, expects to play Sunday, is told he won't play, leaves the sidelines at halftime


-Former Steeler Ryan Clarks says on ESPN that the Steelers should "shop" Antonio Brown and tells a story of how he knew the Steelers would create a "monster" once they gave AB the money he was seeking. 


-Ben comes on The Fan and denies reports of an AB blow up. 


Any other suggestions for the list? 


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