Golfers Should Prepare Before Courses Open

Exercise advise from an expert before hitting the links

Jeff Hathhorn
April 30, 2020 - 3:57 pm
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PITTSBURGH (93.7 the Fan) – Pennsylvania golf courses are expected a flood of golfers as they re-open Friday morning.  Many of whom may not be physically ready.

“You have to work yourself back into it,” Pitt head basketball strength and conditioning coach Garry Christopher said of getting back to physical activity.  “Because that’s where we see a lot of time in our sport or in general society, that is where injury occurs.  When intensity it at a level where the body isn’t able to compliment or respond to very quickly.”

Christopher says you need to work your way back and not expect to go full out your first time on the course.

With the rules being one to a cart, courses are going to have half of the number of riding opportunities available.  So expect to walk, especially if you can.  Whether walking or riding though, stretching is key, not only before your round, but after. Where it really helps you for the next time out.

“Post is always the toughest part because you are tired, you’re sweaty,” Christopher said.  “That’s always the toughest time to want to get a stretch in, but that can be beneficial to your recovery moving into the next day or days after.”

So what are a few exercises you can do without benefit of a gym or driving range?

“In the sport of golf you see a lot of rotation,” Christopher said.  “Do a ton of rotational and core exercises, that would be beneficial, but also maintaining that balance.  That will help with consistent power.”

Owning a masters in kinesiology, Christopher says simulating a wood chop is a great exercise using a medicine ball.  If you don’t have one, use a backpack, stuff a pillow case, use milk jugs, something to add a level of resistence.

Christopher says make sure you do both sides and not just your golf dominate one.

Enjoy finally getting back on the course, but take some time to get ready, you’ll enjoy it so much more.

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