Ryan Switzer Says Pressure Not On JuJu, Should Be On Other WR's

Steelers receiver talks about passing offense post-AB

The Fan Morning Show
August 20, 2019 - 11:33 am

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Steelers wide receiver Ryan Switzer joined The Fan Morning Show Tuesday to talk about how things have gone so far in 2019 and how the offense will look now that Antonio Brown has left the unit. 

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Switzer believes that top target JuJu Smith-Schuster shouldn't necessarily be the one tasked to pull the extra load. 

"It's going to be a collective effort because we know what JuJu can do. I think it's unfair to put any more pressure on JuJu because he's pretty much exhausted everything. It's hard to improve on what's done his first two years in the league. If we can just get the same of what he's done, I believe the pressure should be on the other guys, myself included, to help him and to step up and take some of the spotlight off of him so he can continue to have the success that he's had. 

I'm looking foward to it, I don't believe things are going to change that much. Watching football pretty much my whole life, I know that Ben has always been a guy to spread the ball around and throwing it to different targets. We're looking forward to that, I think the guys are excited for their opportunity to show what they can do, myself being one of those guys."

Switzer is in a battle for playing time among a talented receivers room and relishes the opportunity to compete every day. 

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"It's been a healthy competition. You're fighting for opportunites, you're fighting for reps, you're fighting for catches, but at the end of the day we all know that there's one consistent goal within our room and that's to be playing in February. And when you have the leader of your room feel that same way as we do with 19, you're in a pretty good situation.

I feel like I've had my best camp since I've been in the NFL. I finally got a little bit of stability, I finally am going into my second year with an offense so I feel like I've mastered that and what they are expecting my role to be. But guys around the board have had a really great camp. JuJu has done what he's done, James Washington's been incredible, I'm looking forward to seeing his growth in year two. Eli [Rogers] has been as consistent as he's always been so it's going to be a fun year and I'm looking forward to seeing what those guys can do." 

Getting back to that leader in the room being 19 thing...

"It's kinda weird man, because him and I being the same year coming out, I'm a little bit older than him but I strive to do what he's done because I've yet to do that in the NFL. So I do consider him someone that I look to to see how he's had that success because I'm still trying to figure that out. I know the younger guys look to him as well.

He's definitely taken a step, man. I don't want to say he's any more mature than he was last year because he's still the same fun-loving person that he is and hopefully that never changes. But I think he's just more aware of what his actions and his words mean because people are looking up to him now or moreso than they were last year because he is the guy.

Not to put any extra pressure on him but he has a big impact on the guys in that room and myself included. Hopefully, like I said, we can take some of that slack off him and allow him to go out and have fun this year as well." 

You can listen to the entire interview with Steelers wide receiver Ryan Switzer on The Fan Morning Show below.                                      

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