Youngstown Band "The Vindys" Shine On Pirates Friday Night Rocks

"Friday Night Rocks" Spotlight Helping Band Gain New Fans

Scott Stiller
September 06, 2019 - 4:21 pm
Youngstown Band "The Vindys" That Were Featured On Pirates and AT&T Sports Net "Friday Night Rocks"

The Vines

YOUNGSTOWN, OH (93.7 The Fan) – Youngstown-based musical group “The Vindys” are seeing their Tri-State area fanbase grow, thanks in-part to the Pittsburgh Pirates and AT&T Sports Net.

The Vindys are a 5-piece band featuring Jackie Popovec on vocals & guitar, John Anthony on guitar & vocals, Ed Davis on drums & vocals, Rick Deak on guitar & vocals and Scott Boyer on Bass.

The Vindys are prominently featured on AT& T Sports Net “Friday Night Rocks” campaign that showcases local bands during Pirates broadcasts.  That showcase has exposed the band to countless fans they may not have reached through traditional means.

“They (AT&T Sports Net) have been using our videos more than they planned on because of the feedback and response they have been getting,” said Popovec.

The band saw a huge spike of over 40,000-views over a course of a week when the video for “Are You Ready”, which was shot at Jergel’s Rhythm Grille in Warrendale, was shown on "Friday Night Rocks".

“When they play it on ‘Friday Night Rocks’ we see it on our social media,” said Deak.  “We have people flooding ‘liking’ the band and they are sending us messages that they saw us.  It’s been a positive experience for the band as a whole.”

Band members are all classically trained musicians whose talents create an incomparable sound for The Vindys that is an eclectic blend of rock, pop and jazz, which explains their broad appeal.

“We all kind of have our own influences that we bring to the table,” said Davis.  “When we were doing covers, we would go from playing a country tune to a Zeppelin song to Amy Winehouse to a tweaked-out version of ‘These Boots Were Made For Walking’, so that versatility kind of became our calling card.  It’s fun to bounce off each other influences for sure.”

“It also all doesn’t sound the same,” added Popovec.  “It’s different, which is nice.”

“I think when you try to fit in that box, you become less creative because you’re trying to be something you’re not,” said Deak.  “Do what you do and let other people judge.”

Fans obviously like what they are hearing and seeing because The Vindys are one of the most sought-after bands in Northeast Ohio, so the additional exposure to Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania and beyond was one of the reasons they jumped at the chance to be a part of “Friday Night Rocks”.

“We’re hoping this springboards us to a different level in Pittsburgh,” said Popovec.  “Pittsburgh’s music scene is about making some noise and I think we did with the AT&T-Pirates ‘Friday Night Rocks’.”

The band formed in Youngstown in 2013 and got the inspiration for their name from the local newspaper “The Vindicator”, but the journey began before that when a couple of future bandmates met in college in Western PA.

“I went to undergrad at Slippery Rock,” said Anthony.  “I met our bass player Scott at Slippery Rock, and he’s from Upper St. Clair. My family is from New Castle, Rochester and New Brighton.”

Anthony met Davis at Grad School at Youngstown State University and that’s when the pair first met Popovec.  Popovec went to Florida to go to audio engineering school and when she returned to Youngstown, Anthony was in a band with a female singer.  Popovec eventually became the singer and that was the root beginning of The Vindys.  Davis joined after the original drummer left the band and Deak joined when the band shortly thereafter.

The Vindys released their first EP, “Red Wine” in 2014 and followed that up in 2017 with the LP “Keep Going”, both of which are available on iTunes.  

The band has been busy since their appearance last month on “Friday Night Rocks”.  In addition to playing gigs all over including their home-base of Youngstown along with a trip to Nashville.

“It was really exciting, really cool,” said Popovec.  “We really didn’t expect the amount of people and friends, especially our musician friends, to come out and support us.  We had people from Milwaukee and from Cleveland who wanted to take a road trip and they came down there for us.”

The past month they have been working on new material in the studio.    

“This past month we have been recording a little bit,” said Popovec.  “We have a new single that is going to be released fairly soon.  We are dying to get back into the studio to record an EP.  We have several songs that we need to just get out there.”

Area fans can check out The Vindys this Saturday at Jergel’s Rhythm Grille in Warrendale, where tickets are available at the door.  Their touring schedule continues with two dates opening for North Coast legend Michael Stanley, September 21st in Lorain, Ohio and October 5th in Canton Ohio.  They open-up for Pittsburgh legends “The Clarks” October 11th in Canton and October 12th in Columbus.  The Eastern side of the Keystone State is up next, October 26th in Philadelphia.  Dates and information and Social Media links are available at their website,

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