A Fish Head In The Freezer Leads To $38k Lawsuit Against Antonio Brown

AB Perceived Fish Head In Freezer As A Threat, Chef Says He Planned On Making Soup

Andrew Limberg
August 20, 2019 - 2:38 pm

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(93.7 The Fan) - Just when you think it can’t get any weirder with Antonio Brown a fish head is at the center for a lawsuit filed against the Oakland Raiders wide receiver.

Celebrity Chef Stefano Tedeschi tells TMZ Sports he left a salmon head in Brown’s freezer during the 2018 Pro Bowl.

Stefano adds he intended to make soup with it the next day but Brown and his entourage perceived it as a threat and kicked him off the property the next day.

Stefano told TMZ that everything was going well at the beginning of the three days he was hired to cook for Brown after the fish head was discovered, that’s when things got strange.

"I said, 'Who could have possibly misunderstood a fish head in the freezer? Tell me, what person with intelligence could have misplaced a fish head for some mob, horse head?!’,” Stefano told TMZ.

The chef says that Brown never paid a cent and is now suing him for over $38,500.

TMZ reached out to Brown’s attorney who refused to comment on the possible lawsuit.  

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