Fixing The NFL's Pro Bowl

Trying to make it not the worst

Matt Koll
January 28, 2019 - 11:05 am

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- The consensus from consumers of the Pro Bowl every year is, well, it stinks. 

It's not exciting, the players don't really take it seriously, the game product isn't very good and in this year's case with the knee injury to JuJu Smith-Schuster, you hold your breath that a guy on your favorite team doesn't get seriously injured.

So if you were Roger Goodell or the powers that be, what would you do with the Pro Bowl? 

The Fan Morning Show put this out to the listeners and debated it on Monday morning and came up with some interesting answers. 

Chris Mack says that first and foremost, make sure it's in a venue where it's not raining on a slick, artificial surface to where guys can get injured like this year's. Also, make it a flag football or arena football game, change up the rules to make it more interesting. 

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Colin Dunlap suggested to eliminate the game altogether with the Pro Bowl. Make it instead a series of skills competitions and make it a fan-fest of sorts. He also suggested to have it travel around the country, including indoor facilities like the convention center in Pittsburgh. He says not as many players will skip out on it if they don't have to play an actual game. 

Players do get paid for the Pro Bowl, rough numbers are about $32,000 if you lose and about $64,000 if you win. Chris says if you eliminate the game, just make it a flat rate like $45,000 if you are selected to the Pro Bowl and if you show up, you get it. 

One tweeter to The Fan Morning Show suggested this: 

What's your fix? 

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