Former MLB GM Calls For Pirates To Act At Deadline

'If you don't take advantage, then what are you trying to accomplish as an organization?'

Matt Koll
July 30, 2018 - 11:12 am
Neal Huntington

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Former Colorado Rockies general manager now MLB Network analyst Dan O'Dowd has some pointed thoughts on the Pirates as they approach the MLB non-waiver trade deadline. O'Dowd joined The Fan Morning Show on Monday and first talked about the current market for the Bucs in trying to add to this team.

"They've got a really good thing going right now, they've got a lot of young players that are playing well," said O'Dowd. "It's a tough box to be in because I don't think the market's flushed with the kind of impactful talent that is actually going to help the Pirates. They maybe can add a contributor in the back end of their bullpen but I don't see a lot of impact guys floating around out there that are going to make a difference for them." 

 That being said, O'Dowd then stated the Pirates need to jump on the opportunity in front of them. 

"Honestly, the Pirates are built for these type of moments," said O'Dowd. "If you don't take advantage of these types of moments then what are you trying to accomplish as an organization?" 

"They've put themselves in a great position. I'm not saying that they're going to leap frog all the other teams that are in front of them. But come September, if they're within three or four games of a postseason berth, they have just as good an opportunity as anybody else in the National League. The National League this year is wide open." 

O'Dowd also threw some cold water on Chris Archer and whether he would be worth the asking price to bring him in.

"That's a really good name because he's on such a great contract, but how much better is Chris Archer than the guys they currently have?" asked O'Dowd. "For the last two years, Chris has been a good pitcher at the Major League level, he has not been an impactful pitcher at the Major League level. Could you say that's environmentally based? Maybe. But for me, I haven't seen necessarily that next step in him. I'm not sure I'd throw him into that #1 or 2 or consistant 3 category."

On the other hand, O'Dowd loves Corey Dickerson and had nothing but praises for him. (disclaimer: he drafted Dickerson when he was the GM of the Rockies).

"I'd commit [long-term] to Corey Dickerson any day of the week because the kid's a winning player," said O'Dowd. "He's tough, he's competitive, he shows up to play every single day, he wants to be a great player. I would commit to Corey day-in and day-out. The one I'm struggling with is whether I'd rather have Austin Meadows play right field or Polanco and whether I'd trade Polanco ahead of Meadows." 

You can hear the entire interview with MLB Network's Dan O'Dowd on The Fan Morning Show below. 




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